Hisense TV E8H Picture Advantages


Essentially, Mini LED is still LCD TV, Mini LED will be the traditional LED design structure micronization, the original LED TV may have dozens of LED lights, now can be put into thousands, so that Mini LED has better color performance, dynamic range, contrast.

Hisense TV E8H

Today, the high-end TV product line is mainly divided into Mini LED, OLED two mainstream, OLED we are familiar with, high color gamut, high contrast and high response speed are its advantages, the current mainstream cell phones are basically OLED screen, but in the TV market, OLED still has a low yield, high cost, and due to the characteristics of self-lighting, such as "burn screen" and other issues have not yet have been solved.

Mini LED, is a combination of traditional LCD and OLED display advantages, the same high brightness, high color gamut and high contrast characteristics, and, compared to OLED, Mini LED also has a higher global brightness, long life, and not subject to panel constraints, high yields and a series of advantages. For this reason, products such as Apple's high-end display Pro Display XDR, iPad Pro, etc. are equipped with Mini LED technology.

Hisense TV E8H has 500+Mini zones compared to the common 300+ zones of ordinary Mini LED TVs, and the single zone light control area is only 60% of that of ordinary Mini LED TVs.

In terms of light source scheduling, Hisense has designed a new 1+N distributed driver chip architecture, with the Xinxin U+ Super Picture Quality chip working together with nearly 20 distributed light control chips, increasing light control response speed by 10 times and light control fineness by 40%, resulting in better picture quality performance.

Hisense E8H also adds a multi-layer optical bionic structure between the screen and the backlight, which is used to reduce light consumption and improve light utilization, making the picture highly transparent, not white, and presenting more layers and details.

In terms of light control, Hisense TV E8H's performance is noteworthy, thanks to the advantages of ULED and 500+Mini partitioning, no halo or light leakage was found on the screen in the actual test.

In addition, Hisense E8H also supports ultra-high frequency PWM 8000Hz comfortable dimming, to protect the "eye" safety issues. In this regard, we also did a simple test. Even in the cell phone 1/6400 shutter lens, it is still difficult to capture the strobe of Hisense TV E8H, which is obviously the ultra-high frequency PWM plays a decisive role.