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  1. Amanda Brown

    Hisense TV Blinking Codes, Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix Hisense TV blinking codes. Hisense TV occupies a place in the crowd of TV brands with high quality and affordable prices. Hisense offers advanced TV technology and smart features, but at a more affordable price compared to other TV brands. If you have a...
  2. L

    Hisense E8H review,MiniLED+144Hz

    Hisense E8H is on the market now. This TV is said to be equipped with Hisense MiniLED backlight, 500+ precise control partitions, 144Hz, ultra-low anti-obsidian screen, Hisense U+ ultra-high-quality chip and other configurations. So how does Hisense E8H TV review? let's see. Hisense E8H...
  3. Amanda Brown

    Hisense Roku TV Stuck On Logo, Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix Hisense Roku TV stuck on logo. Hisense is able to occupy a place among many TV brands thanks to its high-quality technology and affordable price. Compared to other brands, Hisense TVs offer competitive features and quality at a cheaper price. Hisense has...
  4. Jack888

    Is Hisense E7H QLED 4K TV good?

    Hisense launched a new Hisense E7H QLED 4K TV in September. this new model is available in two sizes, 50 inches and 55 inches. This article will introduce you to the features of this TV. First of all, Hisense E7H TV has a bezel-less design so that users can easily achieve an immersive...
  5. Amanda Brown

    Can You Jailbreak A Smart TV?

    This article will show you how to jailbreak a smart TV. Can you jailbreak a smart TV? The advent of smart TVs has enriched our home entertainment life, and you can access more content by accessing the Internet. But some smart TVs are shipped with some plug-ins or applications integrated...
  6. Tommy_tvs

    Hisense TV Connected No Internet, Quick Fix

    This guide will show you how to fix Hisense TV connected no internet. If you are experiencing network connection problems with your Hisense TV, or if your Hisense Smart TV is connected to WiFi but no Internet, please read on to get the fix. Nowadays, TV manufacturers are launching new models...
  7. G

    Hisense Laser TV was recommended by Fox TV

    On June 19, U.S. time, the well-known American media Fox News recommended the Hisense full-color laser TV 100L9G as a "Father's Day gift" to the American public in a program related to Father's Day. In the program, the anchor emphasized that the 100L9G has "100-inch magic", a 100-inch large...
  8. Amanda Brown

    Hisense TV Blinking Red Light, Quick Fix

    This guide will show you how to fix Hisense TV blinking red light. Hisense TV has many users and offers good quality and technology at a cheaper price compared to Samsung, Sony, and LG. Hisense TVs have excellent technology and quality and usually work well, but like all TVs, they may have...
  9. N

    Hisense 55U68G does not work with the remote

    I bought a Hisense 55U68G, but it does not work with the remote, what can I do?
  10. Felia

    Sony X95J vs Hisense U7G Pro: Image Quality Comparison

    Sony X95J uses a high-contrast soft screen, Hisense U7G Pro uses a low-contrast hard screen, so they will be different in dark parts, bright field details/black control effects, let's see the actual picture effect of Sony X95J vs Hisense U7G Pro. 1. Black control effect After all, LCD TVs are...
  11. C

    Sony X90J VS Hisense E8G: Image Quality Comparison

    The quality of the TV is mainly determined by two aspects, one is the hardware, and the other is the software tuning algorithm. The two are complementary to each other. Hardware is easy to quantify and compare, but software algorithm tuning has to be compared together. This article will compare...
  12. C

    Hisense E8G Review: A Worthy Game TV

    Hisense E8G is a TV with Mini LED backlight + quantum dot wide color gamut + 120HZ screen + 1000 nits peak brightness + HDMI2.1 + Xinxin image quality chip. Is it good in using? Let's see how the Hisense E8G reviews. 1. Hisense E8G Review Appearance The front of the Hisense E8G adopts a...
  13. Adney

    Hisense U7H TV Review, FIFA World Cup 2022 TV

    Hisense has released the official TV of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Hisense U7H TV. As we all know, VA screen with high contrast but small viewing angle, IPS screen with large viewing angle but low contrast, it is difficult to have the best of both worlds. Hisense U7H series adopts...
  14. Grace's

    TOP 10 Smart TV Brands For 2022

    TV has always been an essential product in family entertainment, and when we buy TVs, we tend to choose brands with a good reputation, which are also more secure in terms of quality and after-sales service. This article will introduce you to the top 10 smart TV brands for 2022. 1. SAMSUNG...
  15. Z

    Is Hisense Laser TV 100L5G worth buying?

    Such a big TV! Is Hisense Laser TV 100L5G worth buying?
  16. Radiohead

    Hisense U7G TV Review, Is it good?

    Hisense U7G is a great LCD TV with 4K 120Hz output, which offers excellent picture quality. Model Name Hisense U7G Display Type LED Resolution 4K (2160p) High Dynamic Range Format Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR 10+, Hybrid Log-Gamma...
  17. W

    Hisense Game TV Ace, Reshape the standard of Game TV

    Recently, Hisense officially released a new popular TV product - Hisense Game TV ace 2023, which is equipped with a U + super image quality engine independently developed by Hisense, equipped with dual 240Hz fast screens, and has the ability of ultra-high refresh, ultra-low delay, ultra wide...
  18. S

    Hisense TV Black Screen Fixing Tips

    If you have black screen with your Hisense TV, these tips will help you. 1. Restart your Hisense TV First, restart your TV. In many cases, this is the fastest and easiest solution. When you restart your TV, you will restart all the hardware and if the black screen is simply due to a system...