Horror movie fans cope with COVID-19 better? Top 3 horror movies recommended


A new study conducted in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past few months found that fans of apocalyptic and horror works can cope with COVID-19 better than most people and are more resilient. However, horror movie fans are not associated with higher readiness or resilience. Even so, you can look at doomsday and horror movies to exercise your mental endurance. A few movies are recommended below.

Top 3 horror movies recommended

World War Z (2013)
Not a zombie action movie like Resident Evil, but an academic movie like Contagion, intended to calmly show the process and cause of a global disaster outbreak, rather than simply give the audience sensory stimulation. The tension of the soundtrack is excellent. Jerusalem is best in that scene. It’s really a pity not to watch this movie on the big screen.

Top 3 horror movies recommended

The Mist (2007)
The movie actually let hero escape all the disasters and finally thought that when there was no hope at all, he killed a person who escaped and killed his own son. The heroic decision to face fear and despair alone, but the result was waiting for the army rescue. The despair of human beings, not in foreign objects, often comes from human beings. Despair after despair is the most terrifying! What the film brings me is not only the feeling of fear and helplessness, but also the reflection on human nature.

Top 3 horror movies recommended

The Road (2009)
Unexplained disasters have destroyed the world. The signs of life are getting smaller and smaller. People began to hunt and eat each other. The father and son followed the final moral bottom line of human beings and kept walking to avoid hunting, collecting the remaining food, clothes and shoes. The seaside is their only hope. It is not essentially a disaster movie or a family movie. It is a philosophical torture that refers directly to the moral void of humanity in the face of survival difficulties.

Have you watched the above 3 horror movies? Welcome to share your comments.