How does Apple TV 4K 2022 perform? Is Apple TV 4K worth the extra money?


The latest Apple TV 4K 2022 is now available. It's powered by the new A15 Bionic chip. People are comparing it to Amazon Fire TV, you can check out the Amazon Fire Stick vs Apple TV 4K 2022. Is Apple TV 4K worth the extra money? Let's see how people review the Apple TV 4K 2022 version.
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How does the Apple TV 4K 2022 perform?​

The A15 chip used in the 2022 Apple TV 4K has 4 GPU cores, while the chip used in the iPhone 13 Pro series has 5 GPU cores. Also in terms of CPU cores, Apple TV uses 5 CPU cores, while iPhone has 6 CPU cores.

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Compared to the previous generation Apple TV with the A12 chip, this year's Apple TV 4K is "about 40 percent faster" in testing. Apple claims it should be 50 percent faster, but the difference can simply be attributed to a difference in testing methods.

Another change is that the new Apple TV 4K 2022 does not have a fan inside, so the design is smaller and lighter. How does this affect performance, cooling and throttling? The new Apple TV 4K actually throttles less than previous models.
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In CPU benchmark tests, the A15 is about 40 percent faster than the A12 in the previous Apple TV -- less than the 50 percent improvement Apple claims. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, a different test methodology may have been used, and on the other hand, we were surprised to see that the A15 throttled less than the A12, given that the A15 has no active cooling.

The 20-minute CPU stress test limits the A12 to 65 percent and the A15 to just 84 percent, meaning the new Apple TV 4K can maintain most of its CPU performance during long, heavy gaming sessions.

How does Apple TV 4K compare with PS5 and Xbox One?​


The CPU in the A15 Bionic is much faster than previous generation consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The CPU performance cores in the A15 are also significantly faster than the CPU cores in the PS5 (single core performance), but the PS5 is ahead of the core performance in terms of multi-core because it has 8 cores.



As for the GPU, the specs for Apple TV 4K (2022) graphics performance exceeds 1 TFlops, but are somewhat vague because there is no GPU information or benchmark apps for tvOS. In terms of TFlops performance, it still doesn't match previous-generation consoles like the Xbox One, and it's only half the RAM (4GB vs. 8GB).

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Storage capacity​

On the other hand, Apple TV 4K (2022) has faster RAM and comes with a very fast NVMe SSD, unlike the older hard drives in previous generation consoles. In theory, both Xbox One and PS4 games should be playable on Apple TV with no loss of picture quality.

Does Apple TV 4K make a difference?​

Does Apple TV 4K make a difference?

Yes, you'll find the Apple TV 4K has been improved in price and configuration. Honestly, I think Apple TV 4K 2022 version is more worth buying.

Is Apple TV 4K worth the extra money?​

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Yes, I think it's worth it. For example, you can find in the comparison of Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen vs Apple TV 4K that the Apple TV 4K 2022 offers better performance and configuration despite the same price range.

Is it worth getting an Apple TV 4K if you have a smart TV?​

I think it depends on how well your smart TV performs. If you already have a premium configuration Smart TV, then you've likely got the best picture quality and entertainment features available, and you're happy with it, then I think Apple TV 4K is the icing on the cake but not a necessity.

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If your Smart TV is in the lower-middle tier and has average performance, then Apple TV 4K gives your Smart TV a whole new system and picture quality performance. And, compared to buying a Smart TV, it costs a very small amount of money and I think it's worth it.
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