How does the screen gain enhance projector picture?


Many people are projecting the projector screen directly onto a white wall, and the effect of an ordinary projector screen is about the same as projecting onto a white wall. But a really good screen will enhance the picture, which is the screen gain.

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The projector screen enhances the quality of the projection picture in two main areas: the first is the contrast ratio. Although the physical contrast of the device of the core imaging of the projection is fixed. But a good screen can make the contrast of the picture further improved. This is due to the special coating of the projection screen. In addition, depending on the material, for example, a white plastic screen has no contrast-enhancing ability as a resin hard screen.

The second aspect is to enhance the brightness of the picture. Here to mention the concept of the screen gain.

What is screen gain?​

Simply put, screen gain is the ratio of the brightness reflected from the projection screen to our eye to the brightness reflected from the white wall under the condition that the projector and external ambient light are fixed. In theory, the choice of a high-gain projection screen can bring a brighter picture, in order to achieve the purpose of overcoming the external ambient light.

For example, the laser TV uses the anti-light screen, in fact, is a high-gain screen, but its gain is by the direction, only the viewer on the opposite side has the best experience. If you look from the bottom to the top, the effect is much worse.

But the gain is not the higher the better. The gain is high, the viewing angle becomes narrower. From the side to see, the effect of the anti-light screen is not as good as the front. For general home- products, the gain is too high, the color will also be easy to lose. Because the brightness is too high, the color is not so accurate.

For users who do not require high picture quality or do not have white walls at home, you can buy a low-priced screen. If you pursue high picture quality, you still need to carefully select the projector screen.