1. Adney

    The advantages and disadvantages of home projectors

    Many people choose to buy a projector to replace the TV, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of a home projector? Pros 1. Large picture size The biggest advantage of the projector is that the picture size can be large or small, and the picture can be projected very largely...
  2. Grace's

    Projector vs. TV, What's the difference?

    Sitting on the couch with your family watching a movie, or nestled in a comfortable bed by yourself watching your favorite show is bliss. While every family used to buy at least one TV, more and more people are now choosing to replace their TV with a projector to create their own home theater...
  3. Nadia

    How does the screen gain enhance projector picture?

    Many people are projecting the projector screen directly onto a white wall, and the effect of an ordinary projector screen is about the same as projecting onto a white wall. But a really good screen will enhance the picture, which is the screen gain. The projector screen enhances the quality...
  4. Z

    Projector not bright enough, what should I do?

    If your projector's brightness is too low, you can replace the projector's light bulb; disassemble the unit and clean the projector's optical lens; close the curtains or turn off the lights to reduce the interference of ambient light on the projector's brightness. Projector not bright enough...
  5. Z

    Why the brightness of projector can't be adjusted?

    Why the brightness of some projectors can't be adjusted? There are three reasons. 1. It may be that the projector itself is not very bright and therefore the manufacturer does not add this function. 2. It may be that the projector's light source does not support brightness adjustment...