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How to add user profiles to the Amazon Prime Video service?


Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it will eventually add user profiles to its Prime Video service. Finally, you can separate profiles for each family member (up to six) so that your watchlist and suggestions are not confused. This is a simple feature that should exist from the beginning, it clearly reminds us how to compare the experience of backward and lack of Prime Video with competitors.


Considering how much Amazon spends on original content, this is a pity. Take the company’s investment in the prequel of The Lord of the Rings as an example. Production has been delayed for more than two years and may cost as much as $1 billion. Recently there was the "Radiation" TV series announced by the producers of "Western World". Amazon will have no shortage of compelling programming. However, if it wants to convert users and retain them, it needs to bring the service to the present.

Amazon launched its first video service in 2006, Amazon Unbox, which allows users to rent or purchase TV shows and movies similar to iTunes. Then, long after Netflix incorporated streaming into its business, Amazon entered the subscription video market in 2011. The company knew it could not compete with Netflix in terms of content, so in order to attract subscribers, CEO Jeff Bezos decided to add the service to the company's Prime free shipping plan.

Amazon Prime Video Engadget

Since then, Amazon’s Prime Video platform has evolved into three parts: the above option to rent or purchase titles, a service that allows you to stream thousands of programs and movies (as long as you have a Prime membership) And Prime Video Channels (so you can use the video channel) to subscribe to third-party services, such as CBS All Access or Britbox, and watch them directly on Amazon's video platform.

If this sounds a bit confusing, it is. This chaos is reflected in the completely chaotic interface of Prime Video. On the homepage, you often see the above suggestions and ads next to each other. In my product, I saw a promotional banner at the top with original Amazon ads such as "Hanna" and "Upload". I subscribed and promoted the movie Ford v Ferrari through HBO Prime Video Channel and a "Prime Member" Deals" page, where I can buy programs and movies and get up to 50% discount. Below it are the turntables for Britbox, Acorn TV, CBS All Access, and I didn’t see any suggestions about Amazon Original programs until I scrolled to the fourth turntable.

Putting all these products together can cause confusion, making it almost impossible to figure out what it is. Sometimes I’m interested in TV shows, but I find it can only be watched after I rent or purchase. Sometimes, the show can only be played on the main video channel that I have not subscribed to. This kind of bait and conversion feeling is obviously very common. According to a study conducted by analysis firm MoffetNathanson last year, Prime subscriptions did not actually contain nearly 30% of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular titles. Analysts said, "There is a high degree of brand confusion on streaming content," and "Consumers are confused about the streaming service on the Amazon Video Store."

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