How to cast iPhone to BenQ projector?


How to cast iPhone to BenQ projector? You need to connect the BenQ projector and the mobile phone to the same network, then slide out the control center on the mobile phone, click the screen mirroring function, find the model name of the BenQ projector, click connect to successfully connect with the mobile phone, and then realize the screen mirroring function. The specific steps are as follows.
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How to cast iPhone to BenQ projector?​

1. Connect to the same network

Make sure that both the mobile phone and the benq projector are connected to the same wireless network (local area network);

2. Select Screen Mirroring

Swipe up or pull down on the home screen of your phone to call up the Control Center, and then click "Screen Mirroring" in the menu;

iphone Screen Mirroring to BenQ projector.jpg

3. Connect the projector

Select the BenQ projector in the pop-up list, after the connection is successful, you can cast the iPhone to the BenQ projector.

That's all for how to cast iPhone to BenQ projector. Note that to connect the BenQ projector to an Android phone, you need to download "AirPinCast". For the specific operation steps, please refer to how to cast Android phone to BenQ projector.