How to ceiling mount Epson TW5700TX projector?


Can the Epson TW5700TX projector be ceiling mounted? The answer is yes. Epson TW5700TX supports hoisting, but you need to determine the position of hoisting before hoisting. How to hoist the Epson TW5700TX projector? Below is the detailed method.

1. According to the screen size to be projected, calculate the projection distance of Epson 5700tx with projector calculator, and then find the corresponding ceiling moutinging position.


2. Use a hand drill to drill holes, and then use expansion screws to fix the hoisting bracket to the corresponding position.
hand drill.jpg

3. Align the hoisting bracket with the hoisting hole on the back of Epson 5700tx, and then fix it with fixing screws.
Epson Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket.jpg

This is how to ceiling mount the Epson TW5700TX projector. I hope it will be helpful.

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