how to choose the right brightness for Home projector?


Many people say they want to buy a home projector. However, users who do not understand projectors are easily confused by various parameters on the market. The projector brightness alone is a unit, and there are different opinions. This article will give you how to choose the right projector brightness.

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Projector Brightness Units: What Are Lumens?​

The lumen is a unit used to express projection brightness, which refers to the ability of light source radiation to produce visual response in unit time.

At present, the brightness standards in the projector industry are mainly divided into two types: ANSI lumens and ISO lumens.

Generally speaking, regular projector manufacturers will mark ANSI lumens, but some brand-name projectors often use false labels to attract consumers.

ANSI lumens: refers to the luminous flux emitted from the projector, which is the brightness of the projector hitting the screen, not the brightness of the light source. The method of measurement is defined by the American National Standards Institute, so the full unit of measurement is ANSI Lumen. For example, the brightness of Dangbei Mars Pro is 3200 ANSI lumens, which is a very hight brightness for a home projector under 2000$.

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ISO lumens: refers to the brightness of the light source, not the actual brightness we see with the naked eye.

Some businesses will label their projectors with a brightness of 3,000 lumens or even 10,000 lumens, but the final result is actually very poor. Because the lumens converted into ANSI lumens are very low, we must take ANSI lumens as the criterion when choosing lumens.

How to choose the brightness of home projector?​

Generally speaking, the brightness should be selected according to the user's needs. For projectors that are placed in the bedroom and used at night, the brightness requirements do not need to be too high, 800-2000 ANSI lumens is more suitable, and the overall effect is good when the lights are turned off at night.

If you want to put it in the living room or need to use online classes in a large area, you need a projector with higher brightness, and a projector with more than 2500 ANSI lumens, the effect will be even better. For example, Dangbei Mars pro laser smart projector has 3200ANSI lumen brightness, it can be used in the living room, and it can present a perfect picture without turning off the lights. And, it can also be used for outdoor camping.

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Some people may want to say, can the projection with high brightness be used in the bedroom? Will it hurt the eyes because it is too bright?

Smart projection can be parameter adjusted. If you think the brightness is too high, you can turn the brightness down.

However, if the brightness of the projector is low, the brightness cannot be increased.