How to connect Huawei Smart Screen with TV box?


If you buy a Huawei Smart Screen TV, you can connect it to a TV box, here is the guide.

How to connect Huawei Smart Screen to TV box?​

1. Connect the TV box to the HDMI port of the Huawei Smart Screen with an HDMI cable. The HDMI port is usually located on the back side of the Huawei TV screen.

2. After the TV box is turned on, connect to the Internet and connect to the wired or wireless network.

3. On the smart screen homepage's input source interface, select the connected input source.

4. The Huawei Smart Screen will display the TV box screen now. If you are connecting to the TV box for the first time, please follow the instructions on the TV box page to complete the first setup, and then you can watch the contents of the TV box.

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Huawei Smart Screen TV HDMI signal input error, what should I do?​

1. Check the HDMI port and the HDMI cable.

(1) Re-plug the HDMI interface cable.

(2) Clean up the dust on the HDMI interface of the box and the HDMI interface of the smart screen

(3) Check whether there is a problem with the HDMI cable. Try connecting to another HDMI port of the smart screen or replace the HDMI cable.

2. Change the HDMI version.

3. Restart the TV box, and then reconnect the Huawei TV.

4. Restore factory settings

On the smart screen homepage, select Settings - General - Advanced Settings - Reset - Factory Reset.

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