How to control XGIMI projectors without remote control?


How to control XGIMI projectors without remote control? XGIMI projectors are equipped with remote control, through which you can connect to wifi, find the programs you want to watch, or do other operations. But when you lose the remote, things don't get that easy.

So here is the guide to control XGIMI projectors without a remote.

1. Download XGIMI Assistant on your phone.
xgimi assistant app.png

2. Connect your projector to the same Wi-Fi signal as your phone.

3. Open the XGIMI app on your projector to search for the closest device or scan the QR code on your projector.

xgimi assistant.jpg


The XGIMI Assistant app can work as an alternative remote control, it also features a number of additional useful functions.


"XGIMI Assistant" works for none-android-based models, such as XGIMI H2.


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That guide assumes you're connected to the same Wi-Fi as the phone, but that doesn't seems possible since you can't progress the initial setup without pairing a remote control. So, without a remote control that device is as good as a brick. Please prove me wrong.