How to download Apollo group TV on Firestick? Fix Guide


Apollo Group TV is not available in Amazon App Store or Google Play Store, so here is how to download the Apollo Group TV app on Firestick.


1. Install Downloader on Firestick.​

Install Downloader, a popular and easy-to-use utility app, in your Firestick device. You can refer to this guide article: How to Download Apps on Amazon Fire TV.


2. Get your Firestick to install app permissions​

In order to gain permission to install apps, you need to navigate to open the developer features of your Firestick device.


3. Download Apollo IPTV APK via Downloader​

From the FireStick home page, go to the All Apps screen. Select the Downloader app to launch it. Enter in the url field to download the Apollo IPTV APK and install it on your Firestick device.


Apollo Group TV offers a large collection of TV channels, movies and TV shows, and you can view content using the Apollo app. Now you can stream Appllo Group TV on your Firestick.
Before the original XC shutdown, these idiots couldn't lock down their service and was giving out 3-day trials that would last months! I think I scammed these dumb fucks for well over a year of free service before they finally locked it down and changed providers. I actually came back and did several of their 10-day free trials then subbed for a discount for a month. Service was fine but the scam emails and other bullshit started up immediately afterward.


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I can personally say this IPTV is among the best out there. Worth all the time and trouble( no real trouble)