How to find out the fault status of a faulty TCL TV?



How to find out the fault status of a faulty TCL TV?​

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1. You should ask about the specific fault phenomenon? What is the process of failure? Did this happen suddenly or gradually? What is the state of the TV now? These questions help analyze the cause of the failure.

2. You should ask whether the color TV has been turned on and whether it has been repaired by someone else. Asking these questions will allow you to determine whether you can turn on the TCL TV and observe it in front of the owner. To find out the fault state of the faulty TV, it is best to turn on the TV and observe it in front of the owner, then open the case and observe it carefully.

3. For TVs without warranty, after opening the casing, pay attention to observe whether there is any problem with the tube diameter of the picture tube. You can break it a few times with your hands, because some broken tube diameters will be fixed by the deflection coil and cannot be seen. Had this problem before. It also depends on whether there are serious faults such as obvious breakage and large-area scorch on the circuit board.

4. The faults caused by falling from a high place or due to reasons such as lightning and grid voltage increase should be observed carefully, and the wiring surface should also be observed after observing the component surface.

5. Some fault phenomena can be smelled, for example, if the electrolytic capacitor burst, there will be a kind of oil smell, the high-voltage package will burn through the shell, and there will be a burning smell, etc.