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    Can I install Android on LG smart TV?

    My LG TV is not an Android system, so can I install Android on LG smart TV?
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    How to watch 3D on LG TV?

    If you have an LG Smart TV that supports 3D playback, you can play the 3D signal directly by connecting it to an HDMI input device such as a Blu-ray player or game console. If you prefer to enjoy 3D movies on a large screen, such as playing 3D movies on an LG 3D TV or watching 3D movies on an...
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    Are all LG TV power cords the same?

    Are all LG TV power cords the same?
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    How to connect iPhone to LG smart TV without wifi?

    By connecting your iPhone to your LG Smart TV, you can share your photos, music, movies, etc. stored on your iPhone on your LG Smart TV. There are two ways to do this: wired connection and wireless connection. How to connect iPhone to LG smart TV with wifi? If your home has an available WiFi...
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    How to edit apps on LG C1 TV?

    Here is the guide on how to custom the apps range on LG TV. You can change the order of apps displayed in App List or delete unnecessary apps by pressing the button on the remote control. 1. Select the app you want to edit, and then press and hold the Wheel (OK) button on the remote control...
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    How to find out the fault status of a faulty TCL TV?

    How to find out the fault status of a faulty TCL TV? 1. You should ask about the specific fault phenomenon? What is the process of failure? Did this happen suddenly or gradually? What is the state of the TV now? These questions help analyze the cause of the failure. 2. You should ask whether...
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    Surfing the Internet on LG TV Guides

    People ask if I can surf the Internet on LG smart TV? The answer iS YES, and here I will show you the guide on how to surf the Internet on you LG TV. How to surf the Internet on LG TV? Usually, there is a browser pre-installed on your LG TV. If not, refer to the guide: How to Download Apps on...
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    How to watch PC screen on LG TV?

    People ask that if the computer can be connected to LG TV. Yes, you can enjoy videos, music, and photos stored on your PC on the LG TV when they are connected to the same network. Here is the guide. How to watch PC screen on LG TV? 1. Connect your TV and PC to the same network. 2...
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    How to connect Iphone to LG smart TV

    You can use a variety of features by connecting the TV to Iphone, and here is the guide. Connecting Your iphone to a TV Using the LG ThinQ App 1. Download the LG ThinQ app from the app store of your smart device. 2. Connect your TV and smart device to the same Wi-Fi network. You can check the...
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    How to connect LG TV to Home IoT Devices

    Here is the guide on how to connect LG TV to Home IoT Devices. You can check and control the status of the connected Home loT Devices, and then follow these steps. 1. Install LG ThinQ app on your smartphone. 2. Log in to your LG ThinQ account, and register your own LG ThinQ device. 3. Run Home...
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    How to set Picture effect on LG TV?

    To set additional picture options, you can get a picture effect that's more closing to your taste. Here is the guide. 1. Go to the home page of LG TV, and then follow this path to navigate to the Picture Option: SETTINGS>PICTURE>Picture Mode>Picture Option. 2. Then, you can adjust the detailed...
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    LG TV Troubleshooting: Fixing Tips

    When people use smart TV, they may encounter some problems. So here are some troubleshooting ways if you have some problems when using LG TV. LG TV Troubleshooting: Cannot control LG TV with the remote control • Check if anything such as tape has been placed over the receiver. • Check if there...
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    How do I mirror my Mac to my LG TV?

    This guide tells you a useful tool for mirroring Mac Screen to LG TV. Mirror for LG TV for Mac is an easy-to-use LG smart TV screen mirroring software on Mac. Mirror for LG TV is an application that can mirror your Mac screen to any LG Smart TV. You don't need wires or extra hardware. This...