How to get local channels on Samsung smart TV?


How to get local channels on Samsung smart TV? Follow these steps!

1. Select the Source option from the drop-down menu.

First, go to the main menu and select the source icon located on the far left of the screen. Choose TV from the second option as it is the source of supply.

2. Connect the antenna to the computer.

If you do not have an antenna connected, you will see a screen that says "No Signal".

Connect the antenna to the RF connector on the back of the TV and select Channel Scan from the menu options.

3. Select an information source.

Determine the source of the signal's supply (air, cable, or each). If you are using an antenna, select Air to see if there are any free wireless channels.

4. Start scanning for available channels.

Once you start scanning, the TV will cycle through each of the available channels and automatically determine which channels are receiving signal and which are not depending on your situation.

5. Complete the configuration.

After the scanning process is complete, you can close the window and start browsing channels again.

Samsung also added separate channels below TV Plus channels.

These are live channels broadcast over the internet, and you can watch live TV even if you don't have an antenna in your home.

6. Start watching live TV.

After adding local channels, the Live TV tile can be accessed from the ribbon menu.

After adding local channels, you will be able to enjoy all live TV rights from the main display screen by selecting them from the ribbon menu.