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    How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote? Fix Guide

    How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote? How to turn on Samsung TV without remote? Here are two ways that have been proven to work: to find the power button on the TV screen and press the button after ensuring that your Samsung TV is properly connected to the power supply and network. Or, if...
  2. L

    How to turn on Eye Comfort mode on Samsung QN900B TV?

    The Samsung TV EyeComfort mode allows your TV to automatically adjust the screen brightness and hue depending on the time of day to help reduce eye strain. 1. Please use your Samsung remote control to navigate to the menu options on the home screen and go to the Samsung menu for settings...
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    How to set up the time for your Samsung S95B TV?

    If you need to get your Samsung TV to coincide with the time of your life and use its smart features, set your Samsung TV to the time used in your area. Here is a tutorial on how to set the time on your Samsung TV. 1. Using your Samsung remote control, navigate to the Menu option on the Home...
  4. Felia

    Does the Eye Comfort mode in Samsung TV really help you sleep?

    Samsung's new Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs for 2023 are said to have received VDE's "circadian rhythm display" certification. This proves that the Eye Comfort mode on Samsung's latest TVs can help people maintain a healthy circadian rhythm to fall asleep and wake up on time. What is Circadian...
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    How to get Gaming Hub service in 2021 Samsung TVs?

    Samsung released the Gaming Hub cloud gaming platform for select 2022 smart TVs earlier this year. Now, Samsung Gaming has officially announced that it is launching a streaming cloud gaming service for smart TVs in 2021. How to get Gaming Hub service in 2021 Samsung TVs? Owners of a 2021...
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    How to choose the right port when connect Samsung TV with other devices?

    If you have a Samsung TV, you may want to know how to connect it to other devices with the right port. The are many ports like HDMI, USB, and other connections like wifi, and Bluetooth. So here is the guide on how to choose the right connection methods for Samsung TVs. How to connect Samsung...
  7. Felia

    How to connect Samsung AU8000 TV with wireless Internet?

    Here is the guide on how to connect Samsung AU8000 TV with wireless Internet. Make sure that you have the wireless access point's name (SSID) and password settings before attempting to connect. The network name (SSID) and security key are available on the wireless access point's configuration...
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    How to use Anynet+on Samsung TV?

    How to use Anynet+on Samsung TV?
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    How to connect Samsung Remote to TV?

    If you have a Samsung TV, the first thing to do is connecting the smart remote to your Samsung TV. Here is the guide. How to connect Samsung Remote to TV? 1. When you turn on the TV for the first time, the Samsung Smart Remote pairs to the TV automatically. 2. If the Samsung Smart Remote...
  10. P

    How to Upgrade Old Samsung TV?

    Here is the guide on upgrading old Samsung TVs (2012 or later models). It takes two main steps: Prepare the USB Memory Drive and Upgrade the Firmware by USB. Please follow the guides below. Step1. How to prepare the USB Memory Drive? 1. Download the Samsung Upgrade Firmware File to your...
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    Samsung TV F/W Upgrade Firmware File Download 2022-07-08

    This is the Samsung TV F/W Upgrade package. Download the package and then follow the guide to upgrade your Samsung TV. How to Upgrade Old Samsung TV?
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    How to Download Apps on Samsung TV?

    Samsung is one of the most popular smart TVs. In this tutorial, you can find the most comprehensive method on how to install apps and sideload apps on your Samsung TV. How to Download Apps on Samsung TV? Method1: Download Apps from Samsung TV App Store 1. Go to the Samsung TV home screen by...
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    How to watch MLB.TV on Samsung TV?

    MLB.TV is the official streaming service of Major League Baseball, allowing you to watch every off-court game live or on-demand. Here's a guide on how to watch MLB.TV on Samsung TV, hope you find it helpful. There are two ways to watch MLB.TV on your Samsung TV, as MLB.TV is available on the...
  14. M

    Solutions to Samsung TV Screen does not Display Properly

    What Samsung TV users asked about most often is why the TV Screen does not display properly. If you have this issue, this article will help you solve it. 1. Check the antenna and input cable connections 2. Check the antenna and HDMI cable connections If the issue persists, define exactly...
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    How to connect Samsung TV to Internet?

    One of the most important things to do after buying a smart Samsung TV is to connect it to the Internet. In this article, we will introduce how to connect Samsung TV to Internet wired and wireless and other Internet settings. How to connect an Antenna (Aerial) to Samsung TV? You can connect an...
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    How to edit channels on Samsung TV?

    This is the guide on how to edit the channels stored on your Samsung TV. 1. Press the Home button and navigate to the Edit Channels following this path: Live TV>Channel List>Edit Channels The Edit Channels screen icons indicate as the following: A heart icon is for your favourite channel. A...
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    Can you get CBS app on Samsung Smart TV?

    People ask if CBS is available on Samsung Smart TV now, and I would say Yes. If you have Samsung models in or after 2015, then you can download CBS app on it. If you cannot find CBS app on your Samsung Smart TV due to the model or other reasons, then you can sideload it on your Samsung TV...
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    How to sideload apps on Samsung Smart TV?

    Samsung Smart TVs are equipped with their own Tizen operating system and application platform, and third-party applications may not be compatible with your operating system or device manufacturer at the time of installation. Therefore, how do I install third-party apps on my Samsung Smart TV...
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    Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity Issues of Samsung TV

    If you are not familiar with Samsung TV, you may encounter various Samsung TV network problems when connecting to the cable network. Here are basic Troubleshooting ways for you, just in case. Troubleshooting wired Internet connectivity issues No network cable found Make sure that the network...
  20. K

    How to connecte an Aerial to Samsung TV?

    If you have a Samsung TV, you can connect the TV to an aerial or a cable outlet to receive broadcast signals. Here is how to do it. Connect a cable from an aerial or cable outlet to the ANT IN connector, as shown in Wthe image below. An aerial connection is not necessary if you connect a...