How to Install Cyberflix TV App on Roku

Cyberflix tv is an Android App that can be installed only on Android devices such as Android smartphones, FireStick or PC (only with the help of Android Emulator). Whereas, Roku is a streaming stick for TVs which runs it’s own operating system known as the ROKU OS. So, Installing Cyberflix TV on ROKU is impossible technically since you don’t have any android emulators for Roku.

Don’t worry, we have found out a beautiful workaround using which you can easily download and install cyberflix tv app on roku device. We have shared everything you require to carry out the installation, check it out right now. You can now follow a detailed guide to Install Cyberflix TV App on FireStick device, it’s pretty much simple too.


Since there is no direct method that you can follow right away to install cyberflix tv app on your roku stick, you will have to go through a set of instructions.

We will use few apps known as Local Cast, All Screen, All Screen Receiver to stream content to your Roku device from your Android phone. It is not screen mirroring, there is a lot of difference between casting media to roku and screen mirroring to roku device.


1. Download Cyberflix TV APK file for your Roku Device

2. Install Cyberflix TV APK on your Android Phone or Tablet. You can follow the guide to Install Cyberflix TV on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad.

3. Now, Open Google Play on your Android Phone; Open App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

4. Type Local Cast and hit enter.

5. Click Install.

6. Wait while the installation is going on.

7. Open Local Cast App on your Android or iPhone after the successful installation.

8. Click on the Small Yellow Icon which is at the bottom right side of the screen.

9. Toggle Right to Enable Roku on the Pop Up screen (Discovery Options).

10. Click OK.

11. Turn on your TV.

12. Connect your ROKU Stick to the same Wifi Network to which your phone is already connected.

cyberflix for roku stick

13. Now Open Cyberflix TV App on your Android or iOS device.

14. Select your favourite movie on Cyberflix TV App on your Android or iOS device.

15. Long press on the movie Icon to get various options as shown below.

16. Click Play with…

17. Tap Local Cast form the pop up in the name of Choose a Video Player…

18. Cyberflix app will now load Local Cast app on your Android or iOS device.

19. Click on your Roku stick name to connect.

That’s it! you can now stream movies and tv shows to your Roku Device from your smartphone or tablet. If you have any issues with this method, you can check out the alternative method we have written for you. It’s even more simple to Install Cyberflix TV on Android TV Box if you have one.

1. Open Google Play on your Android Phone & App Store on your iOS device.

2. Type All Screen and hit enter.

3. Install All Screen App.

4. Now Connect your Roku Device to your TV.

5. Find out the Search bar on Roku.

6. Type All Screen Receiver and hit enter.

7. Install All Screen Receiver on your Roku stick.

8. Make sure that your Smartphone or Tablet and the Roku stick are connected to the same network.

9. Open Cyberflix TV App on your Android phone or iPhone.
install cyberflix tv app on roku

10. Select the movie you want to watch.

11. Long Press for options.

12. Click All Screen on a pop up that you get under Choose a video player…

13. Now the All Screen Receiver App on your Roku Media Stick will receiver the stream from the Cyberflix TV App.

That’s it! you can now watch Cyberflix Movies and TV Shows on Roku from Android device. In fact, it’s like you have installed cyberflix tv app on roku media stick even though you haven’t installed it directly.

Cyberflix TV app for the Roku Stick is the most popular movie application using which you can access few thousands of movies and tv shows. But there is no direct method to get it working on your Roku device. Don’t worry, we have got your back and provided you a beautiful tweak to install cyberflix on any roku stick. Comment below if you have any doubts and questions regarding the same.
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I like this app very much but it really don't work every time I sign everything in it doesn't work so why do it why isn't it working cuz it say if it don't work the song going to say give the app five stars and then I did and then I went all the way back to try to try it again and it didn't work