How to install third-party apps on Hisense TV?


The Hisense TV system is developed based on the Android platform, so Hisense can support third-party app downloads. So how does Hisense TV install third-party apps? Let's take the Emotn Store as an example, there is the latest way to install third-party app on Hisense TVs in 2022.
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The latest tutorial in 2022: Install third-party apps on Hisense TV​

1. Download Emotn Store to U flash disk, Emotn Store download address: click here to download.

2. Turn on the TV and navigate to System Settings from My Apps, then insert the U flash disk into the Hisense USB port.

3. Select "System Settings", then go to "General Settings", there will be a "Market Mode" below, turn it into "On"

4. Then go back to "Media Center", select the U flash disk under All Media, select the Emton Store package, click to install.

5. After the installation is complete, you can install third-party app from Emotn Store for Hisense TV.

Emotn Store Download.png