How to mirror my phone to AWOL LTV-3500 projector?


Awol LTV-3500 projector is a 4K short-throw projector capable of outputting 3500 lumens of brightness. Although it runs Android 9.0, its screen mirroring is not that smooth. Here is the guide to show you how to mirror your phone to the Awol LTV-3500 projector.

AWOL LTV-3500 projector.jpg

1. Open the Awol LTV-3500 projector.

2. You can see the dashboard and the Screen Shared

Awol LTV-3500 screen shared.png

3. Download the mirror APP to your Android or iOS phones.

Download the mirror APP to your phones.jpg

4. Then you can follow the instruction of the projector to mirror the content from your phones.


I saw this projector on Indiegogo, there is another model
yes, there is a model with 2500 lumens