How to setup Toshiba TV with Alexa?


In order to set up Toshiba tv with Alexa, you need to connect Alexa to Toshiba TV, and then set up the TV with Alexa.

How to setup Toshiba TV with Alexa.jpg

How do I connect my Toshiba TV to Alexa?

1. Make sure your Amazon Echo device, Toshiba TV and smartphone are all connected to the same wireless network

2. Log in to your Toshiba Smart Home app. Click Settings, then click Alexa Skills Settings.

3. Copy the skill pairing code.

4. Log in to your Alexa app, Find the Toshiba Smart Home App option and click it to enable it.

5. You will be prompted to go to the Account link page.

6.. Enter the skill pairing code.

7. Select Approve to enable the skill.

You can now use Alexa to set up your Toshiba Smart TV with voice.


Now, Toshiba TV already offers many smart TVs with Alexa smart voice capabilities. But many users are still confused about how to connect Toshiba TV with Alexa and use it. Thank you for sharing.