toshiba tv settings

  1. Y

    How to search for dance channels on Toshiba TV?

    How to search for dance channels on Toshiba TV? Here is the guide. (1) Turn on the switch of the set-top box and TV, and wait for the set-top box to start (2) After the set-top box is started, press the "Menu" button on the remote control of the set-top box (3) Enter "Menu", then use the...
  2. Mialulu

    Can't cast to Toshiba TV, Fixing Tips

    If your device can't cast to Toshiba TV, there could be a number of reasons for this. It could be a wifi issue or it could be the TV hardware. In this article, we will share how to fix the problem of Toshiba TV failing to cast. Can't cast to Toshiba TV Fixing Tips If your Toshiba TV can't...
  3. Mialulu

    Toshiba TV Stand: How to set up?

    Many new TV users buy a Toshiba TV and a Toshiba TV mount, but don't know how to attach it to the TV mount. Here are the detailed installation guide steps for you. Attach the Toshiba TV stand To attach the TV stand legs to your TV, follow these steps: 1. Carefully place your TV face down on...
  4. H

    How to update software on Toshiba TV?

    Getting the latest version of software can ensure you have the best service on your Toshiba TV. In order to update software on Toshiba TV, please follow the steps bellow. 1. Press the Home Button on the remote. 2. Go to Settings. 3. Select Device & Software. 4. Roll down to select About. 5...
  5. P

    How to setup Toshiba TV with Alexa?

    In order to set up Toshiba tv with Alexa, you need to connect Alexa to Toshiba TV, and then set up the TV with Alexa. How do I connect my Toshiba TV to Alexa? 1. Make sure your Amazon Echo device, Toshiba TV and smartphone are all connected to the same wireless network 2. Log in to your...