How to watch the World Cup on Apple TV 4K 2022?


The 2022 FIFA World Cup has kicked off, how can I watch the games on my Apple TV 4K device? Can I watch the game in HD at 4K resolution? Because I don't want to miss any details! Here's the good news, Apple TV 4K will be able to broadcast the 2022 FIFA World Cup in 4K, so you can enjoy the World Cup matches in the clearest possible picture!

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How can I watch the World Cup with 4K resolution?​

The FIFA World Cup 2022 streams all matches in 4K via the FOX Sports app. If you already have FOX Sports login credentials, then follow the steps below to watch the games.

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1. Make sure your Apple TV 4K is connected to an available network.

2. Navigate to Store on the Apple TV Home page and press OK to go into the Apple APP Store.

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3. Search FOX Sports on the bar, and select the app on the result list.

4. Download and install FOX Sports on your Apple TV 4K device.

5. Launch the app after completed. Log in with your FOX Sports account and now you can watch the World Cup on FOX Sports with 4Kresolution on Apple TV.

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