Huawei Smart Door Lock Review, Is it good?


Nowadays, more and more people choose smart door locks to replace ordinary door locks. Huawei smart door lock series is divided into two models, one is Huawei smart door lock, and one is Huawei smart door lock Pro.

Huawei Smart Door Lock.jpg

As a smart door lock, Huawei smart door lock series is not like other products that can only support a single unlocking method, but equipped with a variety of unlocking methods. Huawei smart door lock is equipped with a new AI fingerprint recognition unlocking technology, which can support AI dynamic learning algorithms. Through AI fusion, AI adjustment, AI feature point recognition three major capabilities, wet fingerprint scene fingerprint recognition rate increased by 60%.

In addition to fingerprint recognition, Huawei smart door lock series can also support AI 3D face recognition unlock, which has the same 3D deep camera as Huawei's flagship phone. The camera uses 3D ToF (Time of Flight) technology, which effectively senses the depth information of the face according to the time of flight and builds the corresponding face model, capturing up to 307,200 face feature points.

Usually, when you hear someone buzz the doorbell and want to check the situation outside the door, Huawei smart door lock series is equipped with HarmonyOS distributed visual cat's eye, which can bring consumers a better experience.