Huawei Vision Smart Screen Released, New TV Highlights


On the evening of September 29, Huawei Vision smart screen series was released, including Huawei Vision smart screen 75 inches, Huawei Vision smart screen 86 inches, Huawei Vision smart screen Z65 gaming version, Huawei Vision wisdom screen Z75 gaming version of four new smart screen products.

Huawei vision smart screen

Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z Gaming TV focuses on all-round gamers, supporting four major gameplay modes such as automatic recognition of mainstream game hosts, AI physical games, local large joystick games, and mobile games, and is equipped with an octa-core processor and 6GB+64GB storage to enhance multitasking + screen computing + storage capabilities.

At the same time, Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z Gaming Edition is equipped with 120Hz high refresh screen and 48 Gbps HDMI high speed port, ALLM ultra-low latency and VRR variable refresh rate can effectively improve Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z Gaming Edition's gaming response speed and reduce screen tearing and latency.

In terms of display, Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z gaming version has 1.07 billion colors 92% DCI-P3 cinema-grade wide color gamut, combined with the Ektachrome color display technology, A picture quality calibration by stage, automatic sensing of ambient light, Rheinland low blue light certification technology, etc., has been able to meet the needs of home users watching movies.

Sound quality, Huawei Vision smart screen Z gaming version has 2.1L large sound cavity 50W power sound generating unit, HUAWEI SOUND computing audio technology can be extended by AI sound channel, the traditional 2.0 channel film source to 5.1 channel film source. In addition, Huawei Vision smart Screen Z gaming version uses a three-frequency acoustic system jointly designed with hair over the Tivare, which supports HDR Vivid and Audio Vivid standards.

Based on HarmonyOS3, Huawei Vision smart screen Z gaming version can directly call the phone mass App, realize the super desktop function, automatic adaptation of widescreen, cell phone into a touch remote control, etc.. In terms of casting methods, Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z Gaming Edition supports split screen casting, single app casting, distributed casting, one-touch casting, laptop casting, and many other methods.