Insignia TV remote not working, fixing tips


Sometimes your Insignia remote control may not work, you can try the following to fix it.

Insignia TV remote.jpg
1. Make sure the Insignia TV and remote are free of obstructions

The remote works when you can send IR signals from the remote to the TV's IR sensor. If the control is far away or blocked by anything, the remote control may be considered faulty.

2. Restart your Insignia TV

When the remote doesn't work, in some cases, the problem is not the remote but the TV. Simply turn the TV off for 2 seconds and remove the batteries from the remote control. After two minutes, you can reinstall the batteries and power up your TV.

3. Restarting the Insignia remote

You can restart the remote by removing the batteries, pressing the power button for 30 seconds, and then pressing the other buttons multiple times.

4. Make sure the remote's battery is working

If the battery is dead, it obviously won't work for you.

5. Re-pair the remote to the TV

Most Smart TVs require you to pair the remote. This can be done by pressing and holding the Home button until the TV prompts you that you are paired.

6. Three-button restart

If the remote doesn't work, you can try a three-button restart. Here, you must press and hold the Left button, the Back button, and the Home button at the same time. Press and hold for 30 seconds, then release.

These are the fixes you can try if your Insignia TV remote doesn't work. If it still does not work, try replacing the remote control.