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    How to setup Insignia Fire TV without remote?

    If you don't have a remote control, then you might be in trouble. Do you have to buy a new universal remote to set up your Inignia TV? Do not. This article will provide two useful methods to help you successfully set up your Insignia TV without a remote. How to set up your Insignia TV with...
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    How to change input on Insignia TV without remote?

    If you lost your Insignia TV remote and want to change input on Insignia TV without remote, here is the guide for you. How to change input on Insignia TV without remote? 1. Change input on Insignia TV with buttons on the TV If you want to change the inputs on your Insignia TV without using...
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    How to control Insignia TV without remote?

    Somehow your Insignia TV remote is lost and you just cannot get any help with the TV. But if you follow this guide, you will be able to control your Insignia TV without remote, but with your Android Phone. Remote for Insignia TV is specially designed for controlling Insignia TV with Android...
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    How to turn up Insignia TV without remote?

    If you have lost your Insignia remote or it has stopped working, then you may be wondering how to turn on your Insignia TV. Here is the easiest and practical way to do it. Actually, Insignia TV comes with several buttons on the back so you can turn on your Insignia TV by using these buttons. If...
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    Insignia TV remote not working, fixing tips

    Sometimes your Insignia remote control may not work, you can try the following to fix it. 1. Make sure the Insignia TV and remote are free of obstructions The remote works when you can send IR signals from the remote to the TV's IR sensor. If the control is far away or blocked by anything...