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Apple released this report primarily to provide information about the ecosystem the App Store has created and the content developers create for it, in the hope that regulators will take notice (but Apple emphasizes that they have no explicit intention to provide regulators with this data).
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The first part of the study focused on the many ways in which developers are reaching users outside the App Store through non-iOS devices such as smartphones, PCs, and consoles, as well as other digital marketplaces.
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The second part of the study focuses on the development of the App Store (currently the App Store has 1.8 million apps), 99.9% of which are third-party apps, as the study noted that Apple has only 60 apps that compete with third-party apps.
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The final part of the study focuses on the breadth of third-party apps that are "available as an alternative to the Apple App." It said Apple would not compete in categories such as social networking, food, travel planning, and dating services. It also noted that in most genres, Apple's apps "dwarf in popularity and account for a relatively small share of usage."

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