1. Amanda Brown

    LG TV Airplay Lagging, Easy And Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix LG TV airplay lagging. AirPlay is a feature developed by Apple that allows the transfer of audio, photos, videos, and other content between devices. In addition to transferring between IOS devices, more and more TV manufacturers are now producing TVs with...
  2. Amanda Brown

    Airplay Not Working On LG TV, Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix Airplay not working on LG TV. Apple's Airplay is a content transfer technology that allows audio, video, photos, and other content to be transferred between devices. Now, more and more smart TVs also support Airplay, including LG TVs. You can transfer the...
  3. S

    Is it possible for iOS system to allow app sideloading?

    On April 8, Apple shared a new App Store research report, describing its built-in apps as not having a complete monopoly, in an attempt to defuse regulatory pressure. The study comes as Apple is facing antitrust regulatory lawsuits and concerns over app prioritization and abuse of dominance on...
  4. S

    iOS App Store General Feature square Complement

    Apple released this report primarily to provide information about the ecosystem the App Store has created and the content developers create for it, in the hope that regulators will take notice (but Apple emphasizes that they have no explicit intention to provide regulators with this data). The...