Is a full-color laser projector good? Triple Color Projector Pros and Cons


Projectors are now popular with more and more users because of their portability and large screen. At present, the light source of the projector has basically developed from a light bulb light source to a laser light source. There are also various laser light sources. When we buy a projector, we often hear "monochromatic laser" and "panchromatic laser".

What is the principle of full color laser projector?​

There are two types of laser projectors that are common on the market, one is ALPD laser light source, and the other is full-color laser projection. Every time a new product of a panchromatic laser light source is released, it will be promoted as a selling point, so what is the so-called panchromatic laser?

What is the principle of full color laser projector?

Panchromatic laser, that is, three-color laser, its principle is that the red, green, and blue lasers are respectively hit on the DMD chip, and the DMD projects the desired image for us to see through the projector screen.

What are the pros and cons of a full-color laser projector?​


The laser light source system itself has the characteristics of high brightness, strong light resistance, good monochromaticity and good directionality, and the advantage of panchromatic laser in color is more obvious. Compared with ALPD laser technology, panchromatic laser technology has a narrower spectrum, so the degree of color reproduction will be more accurate, the reachable color gamut area will be larger, and the boundary will even exceed the range of visible light of the human eye.


1. The first and most significant problem of panchromatic laser light source is speckle. Due to the coherence of laser light, full-color lasers have inherent speckle problems, that is, there will be ghost images on the screen, which looks like the phone is covered with sweat. It not only affects the clarity and resolution of the image, but also affects the perception, and it is also harmful to the eyes, especially for children.


2. Limited by technology and cost, full-color laser projectors are not mature enough. There are relatively few projector products on the market that truly use full-color lasers, and the prices are relatively high. The low-priced three-color laser projector uses a low-power light source, which reduces the brightness. Therefore, the picture of this kind of projector looks like it is separated by a layer of frosted glass from a distance, which will look uncomfortable.


How to choose a laser projector?​

Dangbei Mar Pro is a relatively high-quality laser light source product among home projectors. It uses ALPD laser display technology. ALPD fluorescent laser technology adopts the technical route of fluorescent mixed multi-color laser, which revolutionarily solves the problems in laser display, and makes the product have multiple advantages such as low cost, high brightness, wide color gamut, and no speckle.

dangbei mars pro laser projector

Compared with traditional projection, the brightness of Dangbei Mars Pro has been greatly improved, reaching 3200 ANSI lumens, and it can also project bright images during the day. At the same time, its picture can also remain pure and transparent, with relatively high contrast, sharpness, and saturation, bringing users a brand-new viewing experience, and they can also enjoy theater-level laser giant screen technology at home.

dangbei mars pro

In addition, in terms of projection, Dangbei X3 supports auto-focus, automatic non-sensing trapezoidal correction, has MEMC motion compensation function, and is equipped with the latest generation of image quality engine Pro, which can keep the picture clear and square at all times. All aspects have been greatly improved to ensure high-quality user experience.


In general, we can know that although full-color laser projectors have made breakthroughs in color gamut, there are unavoidable technical problems such as speckles and blurry ghosting on the display.

Among the existing laser projectors, the Dangbei Mars Pro projector using ALPD laser display technology has the characteristics of high brightness, transparent picture quality, rich functions, etc., and its comprehensive performance is very good. For users who are willing to choose a laser projector, it is a product worth considering.
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