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  1. C

    Dangbei Mars Pro Review: Best Home Smart Projector

    The Dangbei Mars Pro comes up frequently in smart home projector search results as many users have given feedback that this projector offers superior performance for the same price point. It's a projector with native 4K resolution, 25,000 hours of lamp life and the new HDMI 2.1 standard...
  2. Elena

    Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector Unboxing Review, Real Picture Quality

    In recent years, as users' demand for large-screen entertainment increases, competition in the TV industry has intensified, with high-quality TV panels and technologies emerging, but the price of buying a large-size TV with high picture quality is a deterrent. As a result, more and more users...
  3. Elena

    Dangbei F3 Air Projector Review, Excellent Gaming Projector

    This year, Dangbei F series has launched a new Dangbei F3 Air, which is a very good game projector. This is a 0.47 DMD native 1080P resolution projector, let's take a look at the review in this article. Appearance The appearance of Dangbei F3 Air Projector is the same as that of Dangbei F3...
  4. L

    Why projector is better than a TV?

    Projectors and televisions are common appliances. Many people are wondering, should I choose a projector or a TV? On the market, the picture quality of general TV sets is 4k, while the picture quality of home projectors of the same price is 1080p, which is very different. For example, the...
  5. A

    Dangbei Projector: More Than Brightness and Picture Quality

    The relevant person in charge of Dangbei said that when the advantages of picture quality + brightness + content ecology + intelligent OS system are integrated, brightness is no longer the only criterion for purchasing projectors. Without a good content ecology, projectors are destined to fail...
  6. K

    Why did I buy Dangbei Mars Pro projector?

    Dangbei Mars Pro is a 4K laser smart projector released in 2022, priced at about $1800. Among the projectors under $2000, this projector finally won my trust. And, it brought me many surprises. Here I want to share this 4k projector with you for your reference. What does Dangbei Mars Pro...
  7. P

    How to place Dangbei Mars Pro in the living room?

    In the past ten years, I have bought four or five projectors in a row, from 100 lumens to 350 lumens, to 2400 lumens, to 3200 lumens. From LED bulbs to laser projectors, it has gone through a journey of nearly ten years. Now, smart projectors have become the mainstream of home projectors...
  8. T

    How big is the 300-inch projection screen?

    I head that the Dangbei Mars Pro can project a 300-inch screen, so how big is the 300-inch projection screen?
  9. Y

    Dangbei Mars pro projector user feedback

    I bought the Dangbei Mar pro projector mainly because of its brightness and smart system. I want to share it with you here. Unlike TVs, the most feared thing most people buy a projector is the lack of brightness, because this will directly affect the viewing experience during the day. After...
  10. K

    Best Home Entertainment Devices: TVs, TV Boxes, Projectors

    People are spending more and more time on home entertainment these days. Especially after the outbreak, many people actively or passively choose to stay at home. If you have a good entertainment device, you will have more fun. Here are three of the most popular home entertainment devices, which...
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    Recommendation for Home Entertainment Products

    Now we are increasingly focused on home entertainment, a variety of products have emerged. This article will recommend those products that enhance home entertainment. 1. Projector Because home projectors are convenient, versatile, and project a large screen, more and more users are choosing...
  12. N

    How to use auto screen alignment on Dangbei Mars Pro projector?

    How to use auto screen alignment on Dangbei Mars Pro projector? Keystone Correction Settings 1. Into [Settings] - [Keystone correction] - [Automatic correction] The automatic keystone correction function is enabled, the frame will be adjusted automatically. 2. Into [Settings] - [Keystone...
  13. F

    How to use Netflix on Dangbei Mars Pro projector?

    Dangbei Mars Pro is a great 4K projector that outputs 3200 ANSI lumens brightness, now many users want to know how to use Netflix on Dangbei Mars Pro projector. There's a solution that I found is useful, here is the guide. 1. Download the GMS Installer app and install it on your Dangbei...
  14. W

    How to pair 3D glasses for Dangbei Mars Pro projector?

    Dangbei Mars Pro projector supports 3D viewing, and I'm wondering how to pair 3D glasses for it? Because there are a lot of different kinds of 3D glasses on the market. Does anyone have any idea?
  15. LLLisa

    How to reboot Dangbei Mars Pro projector?

    Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector is now available at 1799$, with a smart Android system, 4G RAM+128G ROM, and 3200 ANSI lumens and supporting 3D playing. I have bought it for a while and actually, it works well. But here I found how to reboot Dangbei Mars Pro projector, just share it in case...
  16. LLLisa

    How does Dangbei Mars Pro projector focus?

    Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector supports autofocus, so when you turn on the projector, it will focus the screen and provide a clear picture. But once you move the projector, you can focus it by yourself. There is how to do it. 1. First, on the home screen of Dangbei Mars Pro projector...
  17. LLLisa

    How to set Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Shutdown Timer?

    Dangbei Mars Pro projector receives a good reputation for its excellent operating at a relatively low price, especially the large storage of 4G ROM+128RAM, and brightness of 3200ANSI lumens and 4K resolution. When finishing use it, you can shut down it immediately or later, because it has a...
  18. Elena

    Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector, All You Need to Know

    Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector is definitely one of the most anticipated new projectors of 2022. More and more people are building a home theater in their homes, and a 4K projector is one of the essential items. Unlike most other projectors on the market, the Dangbei Mars Pro uses a laser...
  19. M

    Sony VPL-CWZ10 vs Dangbei Mars Pro:What's the difference?

    Now projectors are becoming more and more intelligent, convenient, and multi-functional. Recently, Dangbei released a smart 4K laser projector, Dangbei Mars Pro, which is not only equipped with an Android system but also has 4G+128G large memory, priced at $1799. Compared with Sony VPL-CWZ10...
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    LG HU70LA CineBeam Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro

    LG HU70LA CineBeam and Dangbei Mars Pro are available in the market for the same price of $1799. When comparing these two projectors, the biggest difference is that LG CineBeam is an old projector without a system and was listed earlier, while Dangbei Mars Pro is a recently released smart...