Is BenQ W1130X projector good? 0.65 inch DMD chip and 2300 ISO brightness


BenQ W1130X uses a new 4LED light source with long-lasting color rendering and ultra-long life. It has a built-in 0.65-inch DMD chip, equipped with an all-glass lens, and optical zoom without loss of image quality.

W1130X projector.jpg

BenQ W1130X home projector follows the international film and television industry color calibration standard D65 color temperature. Under the leadership of THX and ISF certified engineers, BenQ CinematicColor professional team calibrates the color of each W1130X one by one, ensuring that the color accuracy reaches 98% Rec.709, and Delta E<3.

W1130X chip.jpg

In addition, the BenQ W1130X has a 120Hz high refresh rate, bringing a low latency of 8.3 milliseconds. In terms of audio, the W1130X has a built-in 5Wx2 treVolo two-channel stereo surround sound.

BenQ W1130X has a resolution of 1080p, a contrast ratio of 500,000: 1, a brightness of 2300 IOS, and supports side projection.

W1130X projector ports.jpg


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