Is the Smart Screen X3 good?


The Honor Smart Screen X3 series features a wide color gamut display, known as super-powerful true color. This Honor Smart Screen X2 65-inch is extremely cost-effective.
Smart Screen

The Honor Smart Screen X2 adopts a 4K ultra-high-definition full-screen design. Through a 1.07 billion-color wide-color gamut full-color screen, the Honor Smart Screen X2 delicately restores the true colors of nature, with bright colors and distinct layers. With the magic image quality engine, the picture is further enhanced by professional training. quality performance.

In addition, the Honor Smart Screen X2 has passed the Rheinland Flicker-Free Eye Protection Special Certification and the Rheinland Low Blue Light Eye Protection Certification, reducing the fatigue caused by long-term viewing.

It is worth mentioning that nowadays, many TVs have added on-off advertisements, and the user experience is extremely poor, while the Honor Smart Screen refuses to switch on and off advertisements, and the standby state is turned on for 1S, and the off state is turned on for 2S.

What are the product upgrades of the Honor Smart Screen X3, and will there be any surprises at the price? We will wait and see.


It is said to have a children's mode with exclusive children's resources, and parents or guardians can control the time of use. There is also an elder mode with a clearer interface and larger fonts for easy operation by elders.