Knives Out (2019) 8 details you may have missed


Knives Out is a lighthearted, satirical comedy suspense , with Biajiasha British classic reasoning, and the film seems not to burn the brain . Even the director basically presents the process of the case to the audience in the first 1/3 of the film, allowing the audience to appreciate the entire investigation process with God's perspective .

1. Kentucky Accent
The United States also has geographical discrimination, the most common of which is discrimination against Southern State accents. Because the southern states are mostly agricultural, the economy is underdeveloped, and the national education level is also low, so they have long been discriminated against by Americans in other regions. A solid southern accent is often ridiculed by others.


Detective actor Daniel Craig is actually a standard Englishman, but for this movie he specially practiced a strong Kentucky accent, which was also ridiculed. The southern accent not only gave the gentleman detective a contrasting sense of joy, but more importantly, the irony of the white elite of American society -the final victory was the southern accent and the ethnic minority colored people immigrated from South America In this way , three generations of white rich people have nothing in the battle for family heritage. This is a powerful irony of the film to today's American elite.

2. Captain America

As a Marvel fan, Yu Chen is also a loyal supporter of President Tao, how can he miss such an obvious irony stem? When Chris Evans played the three generations of Rich Ranson who just officially debuted and swearing at the family, Yu Chen particularly wanted to call him "language!"

That ’s right, Captain America , the moral pioneer who must remind teammates to avoid swearing in this battle, has become a cunning and shady dude in The Blade. I believe this dialogue full of " you shit " is also made by the director for Chris. It sounds really ironic in the US team fan.


Veteran cadres who never forget their qualities in battle
3. Bond vs. Captain America

The film's two leading actors Daniel Craig and Chris Evans, one is the extreme agent James Bond in "007: Royal Casino" and the other is Captain America in "The Avengers" Rogers, how exciting action will these two famous screen tough guys collide together? "The Edge of the Blade" gives the answer.

The movie specifically created a "car chase drama" commonly seen in action movies for the two. It's just that the car is only a small-displacement private car, and the top speed has only reached 60 miles per hour. Even the characters laugh at themselves as the worst car chase.


Car chase

4. British mansion

Although the background of the story is set in the southern United States, as a tribute to Agatha, the film specifically created an English-style country mansion. This kind of "isolated island" mansion setting that is a few kilometers away is rarely seen in Granny's inference works.

The mansion in the suspense film naturally has the secret room, but the anti-rule is that the secret room has no secret from the beginning. At the beginning of the film, the female housekeeper opened the secret door that was integrated with the wall and found the old man's body. A portrait of a figure climbing through the window hangs in the dense window of the housekeeper. "Blade of the Blade" completes the dual goals of tribute and anti-routine from the exquisite scenery and props .


The appearance of the opening manor of the film

5. Power Tour Throne

Fans of Quan You must be no stranger to the iron throne made of swords. "Swords Out of the Sheath" also created such a throne, used to satirize the power game of this four-family family. Throughout the film, the scene of the inquiry is set in front of a dagger ornament in the living room. The ornament and the chair in front constitute the Iron Throne of the Slumby Manor.

The combination of daggers also has a deep meaning. Remember the detective's last tongue twister-like donut theory, in fact, these daggers also formed a big donut. A group of daggers with "blade out of the sheath" pointed to the center, which was the missing circle among the donuts that the detective was searching for.


Iron Throne Surrounded by Daggers

6. The Rainbow of Gravity

In the dialogue between the detective and Marta, they mentioned a novel "Gravity's Rainbow" that has not been read, which is actually a very interesting metaphor. This novel by American writer Thomas Pynchin reveals the idea of "abandonment" in the late-capitalist American society, which is quite similar to the film's ironic Trump administration's fierce anti-immigration policy.

On the other hand, the Rainbow of Gravity is also likened to the process of the detective step by step approaching the truth. Craig likened his last long monologue to reveal the truth to "determined the arc of gravity's rainbow"-the truth hit the center of gravity around a large circle.


The cover of the novel "The Rainbow of Gravity"
7. Detective game of personal reasoning

The greatest joy of classical reasoning represented by the Japanese "本 格 (ほ ん か く)" is that the work shows the clues from the beginning. The reader (audience) and the detective stand on the same plane and have the same number of clues to find the truth together. From this point of view, "The Blade is Out of the Sheath" is also an out-and-out personality inference film. The movie left the clues of the detectives in front of the audience very early. For example, the blood stains on Mata shoes, the director was afraid that the audience ignored it and gave a big close-up. When reviewing the incident, the police did not forget to mention the episode where Meg was awakened by a dog bark in the middle of the night after returning home, but the two dogs in the movie who were very friendly to everyone, including strange detectives, were alone. Ranson yelled at him when he returned home. And Ranson casually said "only the helpers called me Hugh (only the helpers called me Hugh)" in the end also became an important clue. I do n’t know if you, as an audience, see the final truth, do you feel suddenly understood, or are you already aware of the case?


Ranson appeared to be besieged by two dogs

8. Other details echo

There are a lot of egg details echoing from beginning to end in the movie, which makes this comic style suspense reasoning work very rigorous. Here are a few examples:

  • The film started with " My house, my rules, my coffee (MY HOUSE, MY RULES, MY COFFEE)". The cup was finally held in Marta's hand, indicating that Marta inherited all the heritage.
  • When Haran chatted with Marta, Haran said that Lanson couldn't distinguish the real knife from the prop knife . Finally, Lansen stabs Marta with a telescopic prop knife.
  • At first, the baseball thrown out of the window by Richard returned to Linda's hands several times, leading Linda to discover the letter left by his father, thereby discovering the fact that Richard was derailed.
  • Before announcing her legacy, Linda took a pile of letters written by Haran to her, all of which were the same stationery. Finally, when Linda got the blank letter paper , she read the secret letter without hesitation, presumably a tacit understanding between the father and daughter.
  • Marta established a setting that would vomit when lying , and this setting became the key to convicting Ranson in the end.