Laser TV Pros and Cons: Is it worth buying?


Laser TVs are becoming more and more popular, and many brands have launched laser TVs. Is it worth buying a laser TV? Here we give you an inventory of the advantages and disadvantages of laser TV for your reference.

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What are the Laser TV Pros?

1. No need to install and use directly​

The laser TV itself does not need to be installed, just find a good position and place it on it. However, if it is equipped with an anti-light curtain, it needs a professional to install it.

2. Super big screen​

For a laser TV, projecting a 100-inch screen is not a problem at all, all you need is a large enough white wall, and it is easy to project a 120-inch screen.

3. Easy to move​

For renters, a TV that is too large is inconvenient to move, because it is very troublesome to unpack it, and there is a risk of broken screen during transportation. The laser projection TV does not need to consider the installation of the curtain, it can be moved away in the box.

4. Good watching experience​

The experience brought by a 100-inch large screen is not comparable to that of a 50-inch TV. With a laser TV, you can experience the feeling of a movie theater at home.

What are the Laser TV Cons?​

1. Insufficient brightness and picture quality​

Compared with LCD TVs, there is definitely a gap between laser TVs and LCD TVs in terms of brightness and contrast in picture quality.

2. High requirements for the projection surface​

If you want to improve the viewing effect, you need to be equipped with an anti-light screen. It is not recommended to use an ordinary soft screen, because for ultra-short-throw projection, a slight unevenness of the screen will cause distortion of the screen display. However, hard screens are more expensive, and the price can even reach several thousand dollars.

3. High price​

Laser TVs are more expensive, basically more than $1,500, and a mid-to-high-end 65-inch LCD TV is even cheaper. If you add an anti-light curtain, power amplifier, and 5.1-channel audio, the price will be several thousand dollars.


The advantages and disadvantages of laser TV are still relatively obvious. If you are after the ultimate viewing experience brought by a large screen and convenient transportation needs, you can choose a laser TV. If you have difficulty meeting the environmental requirements of laser TV playback and do not have enough budget, an excellent smart TV is also a good choice. In short, there is no best product, only the most suitable product.
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