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  1. H

    Epson LS800 Canbinet

    Hey,guys!Do you have any recommendations for Epson LS800 laser TV cabinets? Something like this.
  2. Gabe

    Fengmi Laser TV C3, What's new?

    Formovie Projector announced that the Phonami Laser TV C3 will be released on May 8 with a 4K Ultra HD, ALPD laser display with an 80-200 inch giant screen and 400nit brightness. The Formovie Laser TV C3 will continue to use ALPD laser display technology (based on laser excitation of...
  3. Gabe

    Hisense Laser TV L8K new product will be released in 2023 AWE

    Hisense's new Laser TV L8K will be launched on April 27th in Shanghai, China. In early April Hisense video all-scene display strategy conference and Hisense spring new product conference, Hisense announced the 2023 laser TV new lineup, Hisense laser TV LX series, L8K series, L5K series, and...
  4. Clive Carter

    Hisense 100LX 8K Features, is it good?

    Hisense 100LX 8K is the world's first laser TV with 8K resolution and a large 100-inch screen. We will introduce the performance of this laser TV in this article. Hisense 100LX Display The screen color gamut of Hisense 100LX 8K TV is as high as 110% BT.2020, the color expressiveness is 2 to 3...
  5. JimmyBox

    What is the Advantages of Laser TV?

    TV technology has experienced three iterations of black and white TV, color TV, and digital TV represented by LCD TV, PDP, OLED, etc. Laser TV combines DLP digital movie projection technology with TV technology which uses laser light sources to form the fourth generation of TV display...
  6. Samuel Miller

    Hisense releases the world's first 8k laser TV 100LX, LPU digital laser engine

    April 10, 2023, Hisense held the 2023 Hisense video full scene display strategy conference. Officially unveiled its new products of all smart display terminals, and for the actual use of the user scene pain points, through the product to give answers. At this new product launch, Hisense...
  7. Amanda Brown

    What's the difference between laser TV and laser projector?

    Laser TV and laser projector are both imaging products using laser light sources, but there are big differences between them in application scenarios, performance, and price. Application scenario Laser TVS are commonly used in home theater, TV viewing, and other Settings, and the current...
  8. Samuel Miller

    Hisense 8K Laser TV Will be Released Soon

    Following the revelation that Samsung will soon launch 8K laser TVs in the Chinese market, Hisense recently said it will officially launch the world's first laser TV, the 120LX, on April 10. It is understood that Hisense's first 8K laser TV 120LX, with a screen brightness of up to 400 nits...
  9. K

    How does ALPD5.0 overcome the display and cost problems of traditional lasers?

    ALPD5.0 laser technology released ALPD technology, a new generation of 5.0 release, attracted widespread attention. November 30, in the 2022 TI DLP technology innovation application seminar organized by Texas Instruments, optical peak technology officially released the latest generation of...
  10. X

    Why does astigmatism occur when I wear glasses to look at a panchromatic laser projector?

    Recently, some people bought panchromatic laser projection and found that wearing glasses to look at the projector will have color separation, that is, different colors of double shadows, also known as "astigmatism". This article will use the principle of panchromatic laser projection to explain...
  11. Jack888

    ALPD 5.0 Laser Technology Will Be Available As Soon As 2023

    Recently, Appotronics officially released the latest generation of ALPD 5.0 laser display technology and launched two technology platforms, Pro and Lite. It is understood that ALPD 5.0 laser display technology can reach the maximum color gamut visible to the human eye on the basis of no...
  12. H

    Projector Recommendation

    Hello everyone, I want to set up a home theater for myself, can anyone recommend a projector and screen, preferably a laser TV and a motorized screen. After collecting a lot of information, it is even more difficult for me to choose!
  13. R

    Leica Cine 1 Laser TV Review: Available in 80 and 100 inches

    On August 3, Leica Camera announced that it has reached a technical cooperation with Hisense Group and plans to launch its own products in the field of laser TVs. Today, Leica presented its first laser TV, the Leica Cine 1, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin. How does...
  14. E

    Any good laser TV recommendations?

    hey! I would like to ask if there is any good laser TV recommendation. I'm considering a new projection setup for my second house, previously I used Dangbei's projectors and vividstorm's projection screens. I think this time I will still buy the vividstorm screen, it is said that they have a...
  15. A

    LG HU915QE Projector Review, Is it worth buying?

    LG's latest CineBeam projectors are ready, and it's clear you're going to pay a premium for their image quality. The company has announced that the laser-based product line, the HU915QE, will start at $6,000. LG HU915QE screen size The LG HU915QE can produce a 90-inch 4K picture when only 2.2...

    Is Hisense Leica Cine 1 good?

    Leica recently officially announced that it has reached a technical cooperation with Hisense Group and plans to launch its own products in the field of laser TVs, which will be exclusively exhibited at the Berlin IFA from September 2 to September 6, 2022 Launched its first laser TV, the Leica...
  17. I

    Laser TV Pros and Cons: Is it worth buying?

    Laser TVs are becoming more and more popular, and many brands have launched laser TVs. Is it worth buying a laser TV? Here we give you an inventory of the advantages and disadvantages of laser TV for your reference. What are the Laser TV Pros? 1. No need to install and use directly The laser...
  18. C

    Laser TV 0.47 inch and 0.65 inch chip, what is the difference?

    Laser TVs range in price from over a thousand to several thousand dollars, what's the difference? Actually, the chip is essential. So Laser TV 0.47 inch and 0.65-inch chip, what is the difference? First, the 0.47-inch chip can effectively reduce the cost of laser TVs. The low price of laser TV...
  19. S

    Laser TV vs LCD TV: what's different?

    Recently, laser TVs are becoming more and more common in the market, and people do not know whether to buy LCD TVs or laser TVs. Today, let's actually compare the picture effects of large-screen laser TVs and LCD TVs to see what is the difference between them. Laser TV vs LCD TV: what's...
  20. G

    BenQ i930L laser TV review: can it replace TV?

    BenQ i930L laser TV style BenQ's new laser TV products, with a 100-inch light-resistant curtain for sale, by BenQ to adjust the color, the resolution of 4K, completely replace the TV. Here to see how the BenQ i930L laser TV review. 1. BenQ i930L Laser TV review: Display BenQ i930L laser TV is...