LG 97-inch OLED EX TV creates speaker-free vibration sound


LG Display has announced a TV with a 97-inch OLED EX panel that produces 5.1 audio by vibrating without the help of built-in speakers. The massive display uses LG's CSO (Cinema-grade OLED) technology, which has been seen before on devices like the bendable 48-inch OLED panel.

LG 97-inch OLED EX TV creates speaker-free vibration sound

The CSO uses a thin-film generator applied to the back of the panel to vibrate the display, allowing audio to be produced directly from the OLED without the need for additional speakers. LG Display claims the 5.1-channel system will provide "movie-level immersion," a bold claim since all the sound will come from the TV itself, rather than surround-sound speakers placed behind the viewer.

While we cannot prematurely vouch for the quality of the sound produced by the CSO inside an LG panel until the product is on the market, we found that the technology actually performed poorly on the 2019 LG G8 smartphone using it, although it may be improved later

The Sony Bravia AG9 is also an OLED TV with similar vibrating panel technology, and experts commented that it is "one of the best-sounding TVs on the market". While not quite the same as "movie-level immersion," it's a decent attempt at new technology, and it won't be bad news for LG.

LG Display's 97-inch panel uses the same OLED EX technology used in the latest flagship OLED TVs from LG and others to create brighter, more accurate images. LG Display says it's the largest OLED panel ever made, although the company's consumer electronics arm, LG Electronics, has already announced a 97-inch OLED TV in January 2022 without the vibrating sound feature.