LG Plans To Add Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit To Smart TVs


LG Plans To Add Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit To Smart TVs

As of late, there have been reports that some Android TVs are sending odd notice messages. At first, this didn’t raise a lot of residues and it was considered as a minor glitch. Nonetheless, more Android TV device proprietors as of late detailed that peculiar video spilling notices showed up on their Android telephones. These warnings made numerous to believe that their WiFi arrangement has been hacked.
As per user feedback, when they begin gushing video applications like Netflix or Plex on their Android TV devices, they will get a “streaming over Wi-Fi” notification on their smartphones. Indeed, this isn’t somebody attacking the home Wi-Fi, yet apparently Google’s Android TV has a bug. Google has authoritatively affirmed the glitch and the organization says it is fixing it.
As of now, devices that have sent in the report include Xiaomi TV Box, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast (all series), and various smart TVs running Android OS. In addition, a large number of TV boxes also get these messages. The affected streaming apps are mainly YouTube, “YouTube TV, Kodi, Netflix, Disney+, etc.
Google is currently working on a fix patch. However, if users can’t wait for Google to release a fix, they can also be resolved the issue by disabling all streaming notifications on the mobile device.
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