LG TV random knocking noise when on


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I recently purchased an LG 55UQ9100 TV which randomly makes a knocking noise. I've read posts about popping/cracking noises when TV's are first turned on or occur after being turned off but in my case its more like a knocking/tapping which happens whilst watching TV. It mainly happens when the heating is on but has happened when its off too. It sounds like its coming from the rear of the TV but I'm not sure where specifically. It will vary how many times it does it and when, for example in the evening the TV could be on for about 3/4 hours and it may only happen once but another time it could be 3/4 times. Anyway I've contacted LG regarding this and they've put it down to thermal expansion. Maybe it is but would this cause knocking noises in a cool room, although when its happened I have felt the back of the TV and where the inputs are and the where the power cable goes, that area is warm. It can be heard above what I'm watching on TV depending on the volume level. My TV is the model with the crescent shaped centre stand and I'm wondering if it could be that somehow. Previously to this LG I had a 50" Hisense Roku TV and that didn't make such sounds, it was completely silent.

I just wondered if anyone with this model, another LG or another make has experienced this? I would welcome any help or advice.

Thank you for reading :)