LG UQ90 USA is available now


The LG UQ90 series for the U.S. is now available. It comes in six models with 4K IPS/VA panels, direct LED backlighting, 8-bit color and 50/60Hz native refresh rates.

LG UQ90.jpg

The LG UQ90 TVs are based on the a5 Gen 5Al processor 4K and do not support VRR and HFR. These features are limited to AI degree control, dynamic tone mapping, game optimizer, game dashboard, HGiG, ALLM.

LG UQ90 connectivity options include 3 three HDMI 2.0 inputs, two USB 2.0 ports, - one LAN port, RS232C, optical audio out, and cable/antenna RF input. The bracket uses standard legs.

LG UQ90 back.jpg

UQ90 is available at the following sizes:

LG 75UQ9000PUD :$950
LG 70UQ9000PUD :$800
LG 65U09000PUD :$649
LG 55UQ9000PUD :$549
LG 50UQ9000PUD :$499
LG 43UQ9000PUD :$399


Yes, it also has UQ80 series: