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    Indian popular smart TV: Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, OnePlus, VU TV

    During the quarter, smart TV penetration reached an all-time high of 93 percent of overall shipments. Penetration is expected to increase further as more products are launched in the price range below INR 20,000 (approximately $250). The online channel's contribution to total shipments increased...
  2. D

    New LG 32SQ780S 4K Screen, with webOS22 TV system

    LG's 32SQ780S smart monitor, released in October, is available overseas with a 32-inch 4K screen, built-in webOS22 TV system and a $500 price tag. The LG32SQ780S features a 31.5-inch VA screen with 3840 x 2160 resolution, 90% DCI-P3 color gamut, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 250nit standard...
  3. Tommy_tvs

    Hisense U8H vs LG C2, 2022 TV Review

    This article will compare Hisense U8H and LG C2 TV. Both Hisense U8H and LG C2 are widely acclaimed models of 2022 TVs. Since they use different panel technologies, it's hard for me to draw a straightforward and simple conclusion on which one is better, but I'll list the pros and cons of both...
  4. S

    LG MAGNIT TV 136-inch Price at $299,999

    LG unveiled the MAGNIT 4K 136-inch TV a few days ago, and now the company has announced pricing for the TV, which is priced at $299,999 in the US. Unfortunately, such a high price makes this TV out of reach for most people. How does LG MAGNIT TV Display? The MAGNIT 4k 136-inch TV features micro...
  5. EdwardKL

    LG offers webOS Hub to expand cloud gaming and OTT services

    LG Electronics recently announced the launch of an upgraded version of the "webOS" platform for external TV companies - webOS Hub, which expands popular content such as cloud gaming and OTT services, improves ease of use, and launches the industry's first dedicated platform for OLED TVs. . And...
  6. E

    LG 136-inch 4K Micro LED TV Introduced

    LG did well at last week's CEDIA 2022 Home Technology Expo in Dallas, even winning one of the conference's best showcase awards with its high-end, almost enterprise-class CineBeam HU915QB projector. Not only that, LG also showcased its MAGNIT 4K 136-inch luxury TV, which combines AI-enhanced...
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    LG NANO75 2022 Specs, is it good?

    LG NANO75 2022 is a series of TVs developed with LG's new NanoCell technology. It is very popular among the majority of users with its super audio-visual experience. How about this TV? Let's take a look at its specs. Model Name LG NANO75 2022 Appearance Size and price 43" 43NANO75 50"...
  8. Felia

    LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV Comparison Review

    LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV: What's different? LG NANO75 2022 and LG NANO 80 2022 are entry-level 4K TVs in the LG NanoCell series released in the same year, so what's different between these two models? By comparison, we found that LG NANO75 and 80 are different mainly in model, price...
  9. G

    LG OLED Flex TV Review, is it good?

    LG released the OLED Flex TV (LX3), equipped with the world's first bendable 42-inch OLED screen. Officially, the TV is suitable for game consoles, PCs and cloud gaming. How does LG OLED Flex TV review? Officially, the curvature of this series of TVs can be adjusted from a straight screen to a...
  10. L

    What does LG HDR TV mean?

    What does LG HDR TV mean?
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    Is LG Display 97-inch OLED EX TV Panel good?

    LG Display has now announced a new 97-inch OLED EX TV panel that produces 5.1-channel sound by vibrating itself without the help of built-in speakers. The screen features LG CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology that vibrates and produces sound through a thin-film exciter on the back of the...
  12. S

    How to watch 3D on LG TV?

    If you have an LG Smart TV that supports 3D playback, you can play the 3D signal directly by connecting it to an HDMI input device such as a Blu-ray player or game console. If you prefer to enjoy 3D movies on a large screen, such as playing 3D movies on an LG 3D TV or watching 3D movies on an...
  13. Mialulu

    LG Display will Stop producing LCD TV panels for Korean by 2023

    LG Display has decided to stop producing LCD TV panels for the Korean market by 2023. It is reported that LG Display announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2022, with sales revenue reaching 5.6 trillion won and operating loss reaching 488.3 billion won in the second quarter...
  14. X

    2022 LG Art90 OLED TV Specs and Review

    The first TV in the 2022 LG OLED 0bject Collection is now available, aka LG 65ART9Q. Resembling a canvas, this TV blends seamlessly into any room with its minimalist style and subtle use of neutral colors, bringing immediate sophistication and visual harmony to any interior space. Let's take a...
  15. Jemma

    LG New Art TV Posé, how is it?

    At this year's CES, LG unveiled a new line of "decorative" TVs from its Objet line, which compete directly in the market with Samsung's "Lifestyle" TVs like The Frame, The Sero or The Serif. The latest addition to LG's Objet lineup, called Posé, is a stand-mounted TV that looks like an easel...
  16. P

    Sony vs LG TV, which should you choose?

    If you are planning to buy a TV, then you are most likely to choose between Sony and LG. They both make good TVs, but they also have their own strengths and weaknesses. So how to choose between Sony and LG TV? Overall, the picture quality of both Sony and LG TVs is very good. Their high-end...
  17. L

    Is LG TV UQ8000 good?

    The LG 50" UQ8000 Series TV looks like it's a new TV as I can't find any online reviews on any site. However, I'm looking for TVs for $450 or less. Does anyone know about LG UQ8000 series TVs?
  18. K

    LG UQ90 vs UQ91: what's different?

    Are the LG UQ90 and LG UQ91 the same 4K TVs for 2022? This has confused many people. According to the search result on the official website, LG UQ90 and LG UQ91 are indeed different models. Here is a comparison of these two models for you, hope it will help you. In fact, these two TVs have a...
  19. K

    LG UQ91 Review, is it good?

    LG UQ91 is the 2022 4K model that is only available in the UK, with 43'', 50'', 55'', 65'', 75'' and 85' sizes on sale. Let's see how the LG UQ91 review goes. 1. LG UQ91 TV Review Appearance The LG UQ91 UHD TV now features a slim design and minimal bezels to complement your home decor. It is...
  20. N

    How to download Apps on LG QNED99 2022 TV?

    This guide will show you how to download Apps on LG QNED99 2022 TV. LG QNED99 2022 is a new mini LED TV from LG which comes with the webOS 22 system. 1. Press the Home button of your LG remote to enter the home screen. 2. Click the Search icon in the upper right corner. 3. Tap into the...