LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75: which is better?


The 2022 LG UQ series TVs came out in a variety of models, leaving people wondering what the difference is between them. Which one is the best? Here's a comparison LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75, maybe you can get the answer from here.

LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75.jpg

1. LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75: Appearance​

Probably the most obvious difference between these three LG 4K TVs is their appearance. both the UQ75 and UQ80 have two tripod base supports, while the UQ90 has a curved base. Also the UQ75 is the thickest at 85mm, while the UQ80 and UQ90 are only 57.1mm. If you want an ultra-thin TV, the UQ75 may not be the right choice for you.

LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75 Thincknes.jpg

2. LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75: Dimensions​

The three models have different size options, perhaps that's why they released multiple models; the UQ90 is only 60 inches, while the UQ75 has four sizes and the UQ80 has a maximum of six sizes, from 43 to 86inch.

3. LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75: Remote​

The three models of LG TV remote control also differ greatly. This is because the LG UQ80 and UQ90 have been upgraded to a simpler to operate remote control only model. They have reduced a lot of function setting buttons and only kept the common buttons. But the UQ75 has a lot of buttons, more like the old remote control.

LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75 remote.jpg

4. LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75: Processor​

All three models are primarily powered by the α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K, with the difference being that the UQ80's 86-inch TV is upgraded to the α7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K. This means that the 86-inch LG UQ80 is the best animal in the UQ series, as they are otherwise identical.

lg UQ90 VS UQ80 VS UQ75.png

5. LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75: Interfaces​

Two of these three models, LG's entry-level 4K TVs, are equipped with HDMI 2.0 only, and only the UQ80 has an HDMI 2.1 interface. This again confirms that the UQ80 is perhaps the best of the three models.

6. LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75: Summary​

These three TVs compare the LG UQ90 vs UQ80 vs UQ75 with most of the same features, they only differ in appearance, size, interface and processor, and the LG UQ80 has the best configuration of the three models.

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