Mini-LED TV vs OLED TV, which TV is more worthy?



Mini-LED TV vs OLED TV, which TV is more worth?​

As a standard next-generation display technology, OLED TV has won the favor of many professionals whether it is color, HDR effect, thin and light features, or the advantages of viewing comfort and shorter viewing distance. However, OLED TVs are also facing the problem of high prices, especially super-sized TVs, which cost more than Mini LED TVs, which greatly limits the popularity of the products.
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Different from the LCD technology or OLED technology products of Mini LED TV, laser TV adopts a completely different "large-screen realization" method, which is the "best" choice for "over 100 inches to perfectly overcome the technical problem of home handling and installation". The imaging principle of laser TV is consistent with the large-screen system of digital cinema, and it also has advantages in eye protection, comfort, color and HDR effect. In particular, from the perspective of color, three-color laser TV is the only technology that can cover more than 100% of the next-generation film color gamut DCI-P3 standard.

From the perspective of product cost, the current minimum price of three primary color laser TVs has dropped to less than 20,000 yuan, and the price of laser TVs with single-color laser engines has dropped to less than 10,000 yuan—its cost-effective advantages and market accessibility advantages on high-end TVs , The universality advantage of consumer application scenarios is huge. Laser TV is currently a technology supply that is really close to realizing the popular dream of consumers with a 100-inch large screen.

To sum up, if the consumer's budget is sufficient, that is, the buyer of "not bad money", choosing OLED large-screen giant-screen TV is a wise choice for high-end. At the same time, if consumers need a 100-inch or larger screen, the three-primary-color laser TV is the real choice for high-end users with high scene accessibility. However, if consumers need to create the greatest "audio-visual value" for every penny under a tight budget, laser TV will undoubtedly be a more reasonable choice.

On the contrary, it is the comparison of Mini LED TV with laser TV, especially three-color laser TV, compared with OLED next-generation flat-panel technology, the characteristics of the "previous" generation in the continuous improvement of the technology "system" of LCD TV determines its competitiveness. in a "relatively awkward" position.