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  1. Shelby_Compare

    Sony X95K vs LG G2 TV Comparison Review

    This article will compare Sony X95K vs LG G2 TVs. The Sony X95K and LG G2 are both 2022 models, and both use different panel technologies with different advantages and disadvantages. Sony X95K vs LG G2: Overall Comparison Sony Bravia X95K Mini LED TV Quick Review The Sony Bravia X95K Mini...
  2. Shelby_Compare

    Hisense U8H vs Sony A80K TV Comparison, Mini LED vs OLED

    This article will compare Hisense U8H and Sony A80K TVs. Both 2022 4K TVs, the Hisense U8H and Sony A80K TVs use LCD and OLED panel technology, respectively, and thus have their own strengths and weaknesses. the Hisense U8H offers higher brightness, support for the latest gaming features, and...
  3. TV-Guide

    Sony X95K vs Samsung QN90B, 2022 Black Friday Deal MiniLED TV

    Sony and Samsung both released Mini LED TVs in 2022: the Sony X95K and Samsung QN90B. In the comparison of the Sony X95K vs Samsung QN95B, the Samsung QN95B seems to be a better one. Now if you're struggling with the Sony X95K vs Samsung QN90B, read this article to make a more educated decision...
  4. Shelby_Compare

    Hisense U8H vs Sony X95K TV Comparison Review

    This article will compare Hisense U8H and Sony X95K TVs. Hisense U8H and Sony X95K are both 2022 4K LCD TVs suitable for most purposes. the U8H has better overall performance than the X95K, with excellent contrast and brightness. It has the good anti-glare capability and is good enough for...
  5. Shelby_Compare

    Samsung S95B vs Sony X95K TV Comparison Review

    This article will compare Samsung S95B and Sony X95K TVs. For those who want to buy a 4K TV, Samsung's QD-OLED and Sony's mini-LED may leave them torn. These two technologies bring you strong contenders in the 2022 TV lineup, Samsung S95B and Sony X95K, and even though each has its advantages...
  6. R

    Toshiba Z770 MiniLED TV features, is it good?

    Toshiba recently released the first audio and video dual-core MiniLED TV, Z770 series TV with 65 inches, and 75 inches. This TV uses a MiniLED panel with more than 3000 lamp beads, 500+ MEGA MiniLED partitions, and is equipped with a Vision Smart dual chip, which can achieve the super...
  7. S

    OLED vs Mini LED TV: Which will be the next mainstream TV?

    The next popular TV, is it OLED or Mini LED TV? Before Micro LED matures, OLED and Mini LED are currently the most promising in the market, so what is the difference between the two technologies? What is OLED TV? OLED can be said that the screen technology is completely different from the...
  8. S

    Hisense E8H Picture Performance Share: Is Hisense E8H good?

    This month, Hisense brought a brand new TV product, the E8H series, which is the annual flagship product of Hisense TV ULED X. It is equipped with a MiniLED screen, has 500+ partitions, has pixel-level precise light control, and a peak brightness of 1600nit. This is also the industry's first...
  9. S

    TCL X925 Pro vs TCL X925: Common and Different

    TCL X925 Pro and TCL X925 are both 8K Mini LED TVs released in the same year. They are common in many aspects like Mini LED backlight, ports, and some picture process technology. Also, there are many differences like available sizes, appearance and audio. Now let's see the comparison details...
  10. S

    TCL X925 Pro TV Specs, is this 8K MiniLED TV good?

    There has been a lot of interest in 8K TVs recently, and they are curious if 8K TVs will become a trend. And, after the test of time, how do 8K TVs really perform? Today, I'm sharing a TCL 8K TV that won the best innovation award at CES, TCL X925 Pro, which is a model that was released last year...
  11. L

    Hisense E8H review,MiniLED+144Hz

    Hisense E8H is on the market now. This TV is said to be equipped with Hisense MiniLED backlight, 500+ precise control partitions, 144Hz, ultra-low anti-obsidian screen, Hisense U+ ultra-high-quality chip and other configurations. So how does Hisense E8H TV review? let's see. Hisense E8H...
  12. TV-Guide

    TCL R655 Review: Best Value High-End TV in 2022

    TCL launched 2022 mini LED LCD TV 6 series, TCL R655 TV. According to the official, TCL R655 TV has 360 miniLED dimming zones and 144Hz refresh rate, so what exactly are the features of this TV? This article will show the TCL R655 TV specifications and reviews to make a reference for buying a...
  13. G

    TCL Mini LED TV vs Samsung Mini LED TV, which is better?

    Mini LED TVs are very popular TVs on the market today. Samsung Mini LED TV QN85A and TCL X11 QD-Mini LED Smart Screen are two TVs that have been hotly discussed by users. Next, let's take a look at which Mini LED TV is better. What are LED TVs? Mini LEDs are LEDs with smaller individual...
  14. Felia

    TCL C93K Review, 2022 Mini LED TV

    How is TCL C93K Review? The TCL C93K TV is a high-end TV model released by TCL in 2022, mainly for the European market. This TV features the latest Mini LED technology with a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate. It is not only one of the best TVs for movies, but also suitable for gaming users. So how...
  15. L

    Mini-LED TV vs OLED TV, which TV is more worthy?

    Mini-LED TV vs OLED TV, which TV is more worth? As a standard next-generation display technology, OLED TV has won the favor of many professionals whether it is color, HDR effect, thin and light features, or the advantages of viewing comfort and shorter viewing distance. However, OLED TVs are...
  16. G

    Is Mini LED TV worth buying?

    Is Mini LED TV worth buying? Mini LED TVs are clearly a major advancement in LCD technology. However, a backlight technology change from a few dozen, up to a few hundred beads, up to at least thousands, or even tens of thousands of beads, in the same display area of the backlight, the workload...
  17. G

    Are mini-LED TVs any good?

    Are mini-LED TVs any good? Why we need mini-LED TVs?
  18. Jemma

    What is TCL 8K 120Hz Mini LED Panel?

    TCL Huaxing showcased the latest 75-inch 8K 120Hz Mini LED TV panel at SID2022. What is the technology behind this panel? let's see. The screen is equipped with the Mini LED backlight source of TCL CSOT's original glass-based active backlight partition drive technology, with 8K resolution...
  19. X

    New trends in the TV market in 2022

    In 2022, the gege TV brands have all released their new TVs. Here I summarize the new trends in the TV market in 2022 for you, as a reference when purchasing TVs. 1. Popularization of Mini LED technology As a transitional technology for the development of Micro LED, Mini LED is relatively...
  20. B

    Is mini LED TV good?

    Is a mini LED TV good? what is it good for?