OLED vs Mini LED TV: Which will be the next mainstream TV?


The next popular TV, is it OLED or Mini LED TV?

Before Micro LED matures, OLED and Mini LED are currently the most promising in the market, so what is the difference between the two technologies?

What is OLED TV?​

OLED can be said that the screen technology is completely different from the traditional LED screen. At present, the most common mobile device mobile phone has basically been replaced with OLED screen in recent years. Its feature is that each pixel can self-illuminate and control the brightness, so the overall picture contrast is extremely high, and the general color gamut color is also good.

In addition, the backlight assembly is omitted, so the thickness can also be controlled to be the thinnest. But there are also obvious shortcomings, that is, the lifespan is relatively short, and the maximum brightness is not as good as the Mini LED model.

What is Mini LED TV​

Mini LED can be understood as a technical upgrade of traditional LED panels, mainly for the upgrade of backlight. It adopts Mini LED micron-level dot matrix light control, which can achieve more detailed partition light control than traditional TV backlights, thereby improving the problems of poor uniformity of traditional TV backlights.

Therefore, Mini LED models are often upgraded from traditional TVs with dozens of levels of partition control to one hundred levels or even front-level partition control of light. Another significant advantage of Mini LED TVs is that they have a longer lifespan (equivalent to traditional LEDs).

Will OLED or Mini LED be the next mainstream TV?​

At present, the two technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. It has not been said which one can absolutely replace the other, and their respective shortcomings are also being improved by patching. Check out the comparison

For example, LG's OLED EX (also known as WBE) panel, but compared with the ordinary LED technology that is the mainstream of desktop monitors, the advantages in light control, brightness and color performance are too obvious.