Panasonic LX560C TV Review, Is it worth buying?


Panasonic has launched many new TVs this year, so let's take a look at the Panasonic LX560C TV review.

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1. Appearance Design

The bezel and base of the Panasonic LX560C TV are made of plastic, with the most popular design of this year's three-sided full-screen.

2. Picture Quality

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Brightness and color gamut:​

Panasonic LX560C TV brightness of 200-300 nits, color gamut of 68%, you can see that the Panasonic LX560C TV in the screen brightness and the richness of the color level performance is relatively lacking, will have the overall screen dark, color level is not rich problem.

HDR10+ Original Color Technology:​

The Panasonic LX560C TV features HDR10 technology, and the Panasonic LX560C TV also uses the self-developed Hexa Chroma Drive PRO color management system. It can set the color space to precise luminance levels for accurate color performance at multiple levels of luminance. The data is dynamically converted to provide complete color coverage with precise segmentation within the APL range to provide more accurate color reproduction. So the Panasonic LX560C TV is very high in terms of color saturation and clarity.

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3D noise reduction technology:​

The Panasonic LX560C TV also uses 3D image noise reduction technology to reduce the graininess and noise of the picture, making it clearer and purer.

Dynamic video display:​

Panasonic LX560C TV does not support VRR variable refresh rate, but supports MEMC motion compensation, so the Panasonic LX560C TV's picture dragging and other problems are not very serious.

3. Sound

Panasonic LX560C TV comes with 2 speakers, as well as 10w power, but no Dolby & DTS decoding, so the stereo and fidelity of the sound are still lacking, the purity of sound quality is not too good.

4. Hardware Configuration


Panasonic LX560C TV's memory is 16GB + 2GB, this configuration can meet the basic TV application installation and operation, and used as an educational TV is also considered appropriate.


Panasonic LX560C TV cpu.jpg

Panasonic LX560C TV has a quad-core A55 CPU, which does not cause the TV to lag.


Panasonic LX560C TV has 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB ports