Philips OLED 908 VS Philips OLED 907 TV, 2023 vs 2022 OLED

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This article will compare Philips OLED 908 VS Philips OLED 907 TVs.

Philips unveiled its latest OLED TVs in Amsterdam this year, the most popular of which is the Philips OLED 908, which will be available in 55", 65", and 77" sizes. The OLED 907 released last year is also a model that can't be ignored in the high-end OLED TVs, so let's see what the differences are.

Philips OLED 908 VS Philips OLED 907: Design​

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The Philips OLED 908 features the latest MLA (Microlens Array) OLED panel, which is thin enough for wall mounting. It has an ultra-thin metal bezel that does not distract too much when viewed from the front. The dark Kvadrat Audiomix cloth speaker grille at the bottom is perfectly combined with the black metal stand for a stylish and characteristic look.

The new model features a three-sided Ambilight for an unparalleled experience for your movie or game.

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The design of the Philips OLED 907 differs little from that of the 908, with its unique "Bowers & Wilkins" sound system included in the fabric housing and a subwoofer embedded in the back cover. The dark metal stand allows the screen to swivel and you can adjust the angle you like without having to struggle to carry the TV.

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The 3-sided Ambilight Next Generation is the feature that sets the Philips TV box apart from other TVs, giving you a more immersive picture experience that will give you value for money.

Both models support wall mounting, and the very thin OLED panel supports this.

Philips OLED 908 VS Philips OLED 907: Picture Quality​

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The 2023 OLED TVs feature the same MLA (Micro Lens Array) OLED panel as the LG G3 (see LG G3 TV Review for details). This new panel uses a Micro Lens Array layer and META brightness boosting algorithm to increase brightness by 70% and its peak brightness can reach up to 2100 nits. This brightness is amazing in an OLED TV, and it also improves viewing angles and increases brightness without increasing power consumption.

Philips P5 AI Gen7 video processor.jpg

Philips OLED 908 is equipped with the upgraded latest P5 AI Gen7 video processor, which has an ambient intelligence feature that adjusts brightness, color, and gamma through the TV's built-in improved light sensor as a way to match ambient lighting conditions. So when the color of the light in your room changes, the new processor adjusts the image on the TV screen in real-time.

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Both the 908 and 907 are compatible with all HDR standards, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, the difference is that the Philips OLED 907 is equipped with P5 Gen6 not as advanced as the 908. Of course, its AI intelligence has a great advantage in processing images and will continue to learn and optimize as you use it to bring you better image quality.

OLED Ex panel.jpg

LG's new OLED TV panels produced since the end of the second quarter of 2022 feature the new OLED EX technology, which is used in both the Philips OLED 908 and Philips OLED 907.

Compared to traditional OLED panels, OLED EX panels use organic light-emitting diodes that convert the hydrogen present in the organic light-emitting element into stable deuterium, combined with personalized algorithms to enhance the stability and efficiency of the organic light-emitting diodes, thereby improving overall display performance and effectiveness.

Philips OLED 908 VS Philips OLED 907: System​

Android TV 11-system.jpg

The Philips OLED 907 TV comes with an Android 11 smart system, which has an intuitive and clear interface for ease of use. The OS runs smoothly and you can find popular streaming services on it, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+, and more. The remote control gives you access to the typical Philips setup menu.

Google TV-system.jpg

The Philips OLED 908, on the other hand, comes with the new Google TV, not Android TV. In fact, Google TV is an upgrade to Android TV to provide a smoother operating system. You can get more personalized recommended content on the home screen and also has new features that the old Android TV did not have.

The OLED908 offers a new remote control that can charge the built-in battery via USB-C. I like the motion sensor and backlit buttons on the remote. The buttons automatically light up when you pick up the remote, which is very handy in the dark.

Philips OLED 908 VS Philips OLED 907: Game Features​


Both the Philips OLED 908 and Philips OLED 907 offer four HDMI ports, and although the 2023 OLED features an upgraded Pentonic 1000 SoC chip, it still only offers two HDMI 2.1 ports, one of which is also an eARC port. If you have multiple high-bandwidth devices at the same time, the ports may not be quite enough. But the upgraded chip brings Dolby Vision with 4K 120Hz support, enabling better support for next-gen consoles like Xbox or PS5.