Projection screen cleaning and maintenance

Does the humidity have an effect on the screen? What should I wipe off the dirty screen? Today we will share the cleaning and maintenance methods of the curtain.
General dirty point, dust: use a feather duster can be lightly brushed.

Small non-invasive stain treatment method: you can use a good quality pure white eraser to gently wipe, if the use of color of the inferior eraser may lead to the stain area more and more wipe. In addition, you can use soft towels and cloth with alcohol to wipe.

Large liquid infiltration stain treatment method: most of the substrate and coating of the curtain are rubber and resin material, in order to avoid the secondary damage caused by cleaning agent to the curtain, should try to use acid and alkaline neutral cleaner. Do not use oily cleaners and cleaners with bright base, you can choose water volatilized foam cleaners, or cleaners diluted with water.

Oily stains: For this kind of stains should first use a cotton ball dipped in a small amount of oil removal solvent, quickly wipe off desalination, and then dilute with more pure water or neutral detergent and blot as soon as possible. There is no good way to completely remove special stains.
Tips: The screen in the process of use is accidentally hit by hard objects, resulting in local small pieces of the curtain sag, at this time you can use the hair dryer to hot air, blowing 3-5 minutes to restore the screen can be normal.
The screen looks smooth on the surface, but is actually uneven; screen material is not the same, the maintenance method is not the same. Some screen curtains have regular texture. When cleaning, it is necessary to clean according to the direction of the grain, so as not to damage the screen and affect the projection effect.
T prism anti-light screen, please use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of water or diluted weakly alkaline cleaner, do not use alcohol, alcohol and other corrosive solution for cleaning, so as to avoid deformation of the screen surface and affect the quality of the projection.

In ordinary use, we should pay attention to the air humidity around the screen should not be too high, keep the screen clean. Electric screen in daily use pay attention to not too frequent lifting screen, this will lead to motor start overheating protection, may even lead to motor damage. It is worth mentioning that the microbead screen and most of the metal screen can not be cleaned and wiped, otherwise more or less will leave traces. Therefore, it is particularly important to keep the screen clean and pay attention to the maintenance of the screen in daily life.