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    ALR screen needed in light controlled room?

    ALR (ambient light-rejecting) screens are designed to reject ambient light and enhance contrast in bright environments. Therefore, if you have a light-controlled room with minimal ambient light, you may not need an ALR screen. However, if you have some ambient light in the room, or if you want...
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    What kind of screen is good for ultra-short-throw projectors

    With the "brightness gain" effect of the cscreen, ultra short throw projector although can be projected on the screen can also be projected on the white wall, want to have a good picture is the best use with the "brightness gain" effect of the screen, so it is recommended to look at the ultra...
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    Projection screen cleaning and maintenance

    Does the humidity have an effect on the screen? What should I wipe off the dirty screen? Today we will share the cleaning and maintenance methods of the curtain. General dirty point, dust: use a feather duster can be lightly brushed. Small non-invasive stain treatment method: you can use a...
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    What are the differences between projection white screen and gray screen

    When choosing a home theater projection screen, some people have such a question: Should you choose a white screen or a gray screen? Some people's first reaction is that a white screen is better, because the colors are more transparent and vivid, which makes the picture clearer. However, due to...
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    REVIEW: Projection effect of BenQ 4K Projector on 100" VIVIDSTORM ALR Floor rising screen

    Projector: Benq 4k model Screen: 100" VIVIDSTORM ALR Floor rising screen VIVIDSTORM HD Obsidian long thorw Ambient Light Rejecting screen material is better than traditional white cinema screen material,binging a clearer viewing experience. Long throw high defifinition ALR screen material which...
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    The Awol LTV-3500 is a surprisingly capable projector, with bright colors and sharp images. Bright colors; Super clear picture quality; The Brilliant Vividstorm 4K ultra short Throw laser projector screen and AWOL VISION 4K TRI-COLOR LASER PROJECTOR is almost perfect!