Projector Recommendation

Hello everyone, I want to set up a home theater for myself, can anyone recommend a projector and screen, preferably a laser TV and a motorized screen. After collecting a lot of information, it is even more difficult for me to choose!
Do you currently have the ideal projector and projection screen? A combo like the one below (120inch vividstorm S PRO screen + Mi 4k Laser projector) looks good.
I've seen many attractive projection combinations. Among them, the AWOL VISION LTV-3500 4K projector and VIVIDSTORM s s pro that impressed me the most. You can choose the screen size according to your own needs. Sharpness and contrast are excellent.


Hi Dear, if you are looking for cost-effective, I recommend the package of AWOL VISION. If you have enough budget and pursue high-quality projection images, I strongly recommend LG HU915 laser ultra-short focus


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Hisense PX1-PRO ans vividstorm S Pro can be the choice if you like.
The projector its price is not very high and its brightness 2200Lumens.