Projector Recommendation

Hello everyone, I want to set up a home theater for myself, can anyone recommend a projector and screen, preferably a laser TV and a motorized screen. After collecting a lot of information, it is even more difficult for me to choose!
Do you currently have the ideal projector and projection screen? A combo like the one below (120inch vividstorm S PRO screen + Mi 4k Laser projector) looks good.
I've seen many attractive projection combinations. Among them, the AWOL VISION LTV-3500 4K projector and VIVIDSTORM s s pro that impressed me the most. You can choose the screen size according to your own needs. Sharpness and contrast are excellent.


Hi Dear, if you are looking for cost-effective, I recommend the package of AWOL VISION. If you have enough budget and pursue high-quality projection images, I strongly recommend LG HU915 laser ultra-short focus


Hisense PX1-PRO ans vividstorm S Pro can be the choice if you like.
The projector its price is not very high and its brightness 2200Lumens.


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From a user in avsforum

Received my N1 today and it is pretty amazing. I do see slight speckle, not so much as to be an issue but it's there. It is insanely bright. As Hobbs mentioned, Avatar in 3D is amazing and this may be the first projector I have used that is able to display 3D and still keep the image bright and respectable. The scene where he is touching the flowers and they shrink down looks incredible (was the first place the disc opened to).
Overall the colors pop, the image is sharp and the system is a bit glitchy which got better with the updates but still hangs here and there. The sound is crazy good and loud with respectable bass considering the size. Also, the weight of this thing was more than I expected but the build warrants that weight.
It is by far the best projector I have used in some time and is superior to the Xgimi Horizon 4K, Dangbei Mars Pro, LG HU70LA, BenQ 3000i and BenQ GP500 and is a keeper for sure. For those who have ordered it, it is worth the wait. I will be posting a YouTube review tomorrow if you are interested in seeing it.